Stats for percentage of points per quarter of the season? Team or individual.

Discussion in 'By The Numbers' started by torniojaws, Oct 17, 2018.

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    Is there some way to check what percentage of a player's or team's points come from which quarter of the season? Ie. points from:

    1 October - 17 Nov (first 48 days)
    17 Nov - 4 Jan (another 48 days)
    4 Jan - 21 Feb (third 48 days)
    21 Feb - 10 Apr (final 48 days)

    I'm looking at the currentl leader board, and there's a lot of players with 10+ points after just 15 or so days (7,8 % of the season) and was wondering are there players that take a while to warm up and progressively get points more often as the season goes on, or if there's some guys that shine in the early season but taper off towards the end. Eg. 15 points in 15 days would be a pace of 192 points by the end of the season timewise (of course there are breaks etc).

    And team-wise, the traditional "the season was over in 20 games" ;)
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    I doubt something like this exists without you having to do the math on the percentages yourself.

    On's player stats page you can set the date range to whatever you want for the stats if you pick "game by game" and it will pull the numbers. Make sure to also click "sum results"

    Or the splits page on hockey reference will give you the numbers by month.
    Josh Archibald 2017-18 Splits |

    But again you'd have to do the math on the percents. It wouldn't be terribly hard to dump them into an excel with a preset formula on a column to somewhat simplify it. But that's a lot of copy/pasting if you want to see all the teams or many players.
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    If general trends are enough rather than specific numbers, consider visualizing that data. Here is an example for last season:

    Perhaps ping reddit OP to see if he is the author and could share the tool. Would be nice to superpose multiple seasons for a player to see if similar trends hold over a career.

    For team points, there was a playoff tracker website I can't find right now but similar concepts - plots progress of each team through the season so you can see trends.
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