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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Default101, Dec 28, 2006.

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    Phoenix (AP) -- The Phoenix Coyotes financial situation can only be described as "disasterous" When new General Manager Ryan Yessie took over the team they had $5M in the bank, and were well under the minimum requirement of talent now 2 months later they have just barely reached the minimum requirement, and are up to $7M however their team salary reaches just over $27M. In desparate need of help the team is reaching out to other organizations in the league, looking to trade higher priced players with draft pick(s) (preferably not 2007) for a more affordable yet close comparison in ranking is also includes hoping to send goaltender Jocelyn Thibault who has a 2 Year 2.25M/a contract with a pick or two for a goaltender about 73OV with a lower salary. Also in an attempt to break even with their expenses the team is also willing to dip into their prospect crop and offer out rights to players for $1,000,000 a piece, those prospects would include....

    Andy Schineider
    Anton But
    Christian Hanson
    Joonas Kemppainen
    Jeff Genovy
    Lee Falardeau
    Stanislav Neckar
    Rickard Wallin
    Patrick Wellar
    Craig Voakes
    Juraj Gracik
    Juraj Prokop
    Marek Ulehla
    Radim Hruska
    Luca Cereda
    Rob Fried
    Robert Schnabel
    Alexander Kharitonov

    if this fails the Phoenix Coyotes may need to speak with league executives on a way to keep the Coyotes franchise operational.
  2. I understand the situation the Coyotes and so I hate to break this to you but in the HFNHL players cannot be traded for just cash, actually cash cannot even be the most significant part of the trade I'm afraid.
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    alright all i knew was that it is an asset that can be traded assets are players, prospects, draft picks and cash, so ididn't think it mattered which was moved for which.

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