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Discussion in 'Philadelphia Flyers' started by MiamiScreamingEagles, Jan 5, 2019.

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    This board usually operates within proper standards even when topics can get heated or extensive. However, the first site rule more so than others seems to be the most questionable in terms of fallout. When each of you signed onto HF Boards, you agreed to certain guidelines. While interpretations of what is allowed can differ among mods, there should be no such issue when it comes to flaming. Simply: refrain from personal attacks.

    We accept that there are individuals who are disagreeable more so than others but keep those witty remarks to whatever topic at hand and abstain from mocking users.

    Posting privileges can ultimately be removed if some of you refuse to abide by a common principle.

    DO NOT mention alt accounts or accuse users openly. Administrators on this board determine the status of all accounts. Should something be in question, have the posts flagged and at that point a further analysis can be constructed. DO NOT publicly challenge other members or question their accounts. This is the duty of admins.

    1) Flaming: Critique the opinion, not the person. Personal attacks against members are not permitted. Report flaming, do not respond to it. Counter-flaming is also prohibited.

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