Sharks traded Jovacop to Penguins

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by PasiK, Jun 13, 2007.

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    Sharks new GM made his first trade.

    Ed Jovanovski was traded to Penguins for Mike Commodore. Rumours in San Jose told that this trade was made to make sure that Scott Niedermeyer stays in San Jose. Jovacop's 3mil salary and his UFA status after next season helped GM Koskinen to make his decision.

    "truth is that again after next season we need to increase our payroll and sign some free agents like Steve Sullivan. I am still negotiating with my key players and keeping them in team is my biggest work at the moment with scouting work. Jovanovski trade gives me more room to make bigger offers for my free agents if they want more cash."

    San Jose also promised to give 2nd round pick year 2008 to Pittsburgh if Jovanovski wont sign with them. So this trade might turn to be one season Jovacop loan and 2nd round pick.

    " Commodore is still worth of that, hard hitting player who has some potential to play offensive hockey also, not just defensive defenseman, kind of player i like ", said Koskinen and hang up the phone and begins doing scouting work for the weekend draft.

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