Sharks Get Tougher on Defense

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by 91, Jan 21, 2006.

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    San Jose, California - The past few days have been very busy for GM Astles, but none the less exciting. After Samsonov had come to the new GM of the Sharks and said he didn't think he fit in with the team anymore he started entertain offers for him. In the end, the deal was simple yet gratifying for both sides. The Sharks dealt the disgruntled winger to the Blues in return for Alyn McCauley and an undisclosed amount of cash. GM Astles had this to say about the deal, "I like how this deal fits with our team, along with getting a known quality defender in Alyn, we get some cash to try and remedy the financial mess we were left with when I took over." GM Astles also stated that he is one of Alyn McCauley's biggest fans ever since his days in Toronto. We could not get a hold of Alyn for comment at this time. Look for him to suit up for the game versus the Kings in a couple days.

    This was not the only move the Sharks, though. The Sharks are very excited about picking up a big bruising defenseman in Hal Gill from the Atlanta Thrashers for Martin Skoula and a 4th round draft pick in 2006. "This deal really excites me because Hal's defensive ability is truly top-notch because we are trying to cut out those games with 4 or 5+ goals against. With all the scoring we have on the defense corps we didn't feel that Martin was going to fit in with our scheme, and felt he would be better off on a team that gave him a little more ice-time." We could not reach Hal for comment but sources say he is very excited to come to this team. Look for Gill to suit up against the Kings also in a couple of days.
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