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Discussion in 'The Rink' started by koh19, Mar 21, 2011.

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    So my hockey season is over and we're just managed to save our spot in the league.

    All team players have an individual scheduled meeting with next year's coach and the team administrator.

    We're gonna have to talk about things that didn't go well during the season, our wishes/views for next year. Here's the issue: I think they want to keep me cuz I'm one of the only players (we're 2) that's been entirely developped by this club so I'm guessing they want to keep an particular "identity". Also, I didn't progress as much as I would have wanted this season, I'm thinking it's due to the change in coach that we had, the one from last year made me get where I am today but I kinda stalled this year in terms of play. I got better physically (shot, skating, stamina, power, pass) but my play (whatever you wanna call it) hasn't improved IMO.

    I was thinking of saying something like this: "I know what my role is, a 3rd line checking role, strong play, defense first, play hard, finish checks, play with guts and if I have a chance, I should try and bury it. I also know my strengths on the box play (played a lot of boxplay this season, I'd say that for 100 box plays that i was on the ice, we might have been scored on 6 times, no kidding. If I can get better and contribute offensively, get on the 2nd line perhaps then that would be great".

    what do you think?
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    how old are you?

    if under 30, I would just tell them that your ability and knowledge of the game is increasing at such a rate that you would have a reasonable expectation to be an impact player next season.

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