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    What will happen overall to the players salaries under a hard cap between $30-45 million?

    Getting the average salary of $1.8 million to $1.3 million means an 28% drop in salaries, 4% over the last NHLPA proposal salary rollback.

    Take for instance the highest paid team in terms of player salary the Detroit Red Wings.


    Nicklas Lidstrom: $10,000,000
    Sergei Fedorov: $10,000,000
    Curtus Joseph: $8,000,000
    Dominik Hasek: $8,000,000

    4 players make a total of $36,000,000

    That’s MORE then 11 NHL teams entire salaries.

    $10,000,000/$77,856,100 = 12.8% of total salary
    $8,000,000/$77856,100 = 10.3% of total salary

    Lidstrom and Fedorov after hard cap: $3,853,262.62 – $5,779,893.93(38.5% – 57.7% of current salary)

    Joseph and Hasek after hard cap: $3,082,610,09 – $4,623,915.14 (38.5% – 57.7% of current salary)

    I used the percentage the players currently take from their team and multiplied by $30,000,000 and $45,000,000 to get the low-high if those players take the same percentage of team revenue under a cap.

    What will be the highest player salary under a cap of?
    A) $30,000,000
    B) $35,000,000
    C) $40,000,000
    D) $45,000,000

    If you look at the New York Islanders they had one player in the top 25($) Alexei Yashin: $8,400,000 –> 20.5% of his teams $40,865,500 salary

    Under cap A his salary would adust to: $6,166,570.82 (73.4% of current salary)
    B: $7,194,332.62 (85.6% of current salary)
    C: $8,222,094.43 (97.8% of current salary)
    D: None

    Last but certainly not least is Jarome Iginla $7,500,000: 20.6% of the Calgary Flames $36,402,600 team salary.

    A: $6,180,877.19 (82.4% of current salary)
    B: $7,211,023.38 (96.1% of current salary)
    C: None
    D: None

    I used Calgary and the Islanders because they are both examples that will be pretty close to caps A-D in comparison to the players to the teams that are $30,000,000 over my highest cap of $45,000,000

    Here is another question: How many players contracts will expire before the 2005-2006 season? Because they can be rest assured that their contracts will be negotiate for far less then before under any cap.

    Just give all of the NHL players their current/last salary with a team under caps A-D and many of them will not find it too bad after all, it is still multiple times their strike pay.

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