Sabres' HARBORCENTER update fall 2013

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by LadyStanley, Oct 22, 2013.

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    Construction continues, on track. Several announcements of related hirings, including the HARBORCENTER Academy of Hockey director; the Academy will be a "premier hockey training and development program at the complex".

    Always nice to see more opportunities for kids to play.

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    fantastic news. now, if the team itself can only win a few games ...
  3. can't believe this isn't getting more attention around the NHL.

    only 3 rink complex in the league, 200 room hotel directly connected to the arena. sports/hockey-themed restaurant and a youth hockey training center all in one building.

    from wiki:

    Construction of the 19-story HarborCenter began in March 2013,[4] the same month the Webster Block was purchased from the City of Buffalo for $2.2 million.[5] The building is being built by Mortenson Construction with ICON Venue Group serving as the project manager.[6] HarborCenter is being financed by Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula.[7] The building will contain indoor parking for 850 vehicles, and will feature two indoor ice rinks on the building's seventh floor, one with an 1,800-seat capacity and the other with a 150-seat capacity. The building will also contain a 205-room full service Marriott International hotel operated by Shaner Hotels, plus retail and restaurant space.[8] The development is one of the most expensive for any privately funded single building in the city of Buffalo history.



    on the restaurant: Designed as a two-story dining anchor in the HarborCenter, the restaurant will have a 350 person seating capacity and will feature a menu deep with local culinary favorites and a heft supply of craft beers and signature cocktails. Other amenities include a bank of TVs including one 36-foot screen.
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    I saw the construction when I was in Buffalo in October.. should be an amazing complex, it blew my mind when I was told what it would host.
  5. it's insane, really a one of a kind building. I can't wait until they announce the frozen four sites in early December. also, if buffalo gets the world juniors again, this building will be awesome to have all games under one roof, even going on at the same time

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