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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Rbenj, May 12, 2007.

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    Got a question - How does this transfer thing work anyway? If there are no transfer deals, how come there are still Russians entering the draft? Example, if a team, let's say the Coyotes, draft Cherapanov, what's the likelyhood that he's actually going to play? And also, currently, the Coyotes have 2 more players in Russia that left because they didn't want to play in the minors (Lisin,and Kaigaradov) Is there any chance that they can come back? What would it take to get them back here? You can tell I'm a coyotes fan. Anyway, anyone please explain
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    With no PTA in place, each NHL club will have to work with each RSL club. So the Yotes would have to contact AK Bars about Lisin and see what his contract status is. If he's under contract then they can try and work out a deal, likely buying out his contract, it's all up to what AK Bars would want for him. He could also just up an leave but that would be a risky move on his part cause if it doesn't work out in the NHL, he could have trouble back in Russia I'm guessing.

    Same thing with Magnitogorsk and Kaigaradov. With Cherepanov, you have only 2 years to get him signed, so it could make things tougher since he's a young star and I'm sure Omsk will do whatever they can to keep him and from what I understand they have a rich owner so they can likely afford to pay him a good bit.

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