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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by joe sacco, Jan 6, 2006.

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    obviously the transfer agreement situation has been discussed thoroughly over the past year or so. it is only logical to assume that this has hurt the draft position of many prospects (last year) and this year. the amount of players drafted the past two years in the first two rounds has decreased substantially, but it seems as though the russians are producing the same level of skilled players as they always have (as is reflected in the outstanding young talent they send to the world juniors every year). are many of us on the boards underrating russian prospects taken in the middle rounds of the draft, when, if there was a more stable transfer system, they may have gone much higher in the draft? or are the positions they are taken reflective of their skill level and projected development? obviously top end talents such as malkin and ovechkin may be omitted from this discussion.
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