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Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by Russian Fan, Jun 24, 2004.

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    THIS IS POSTED ON THE HABS BOARD because that's where I usually write with the prospect board.

    less than 48 hours away of D-DAY & let me tell you, I had a really hard time making a top 30. Also the problem is there's gonna 2 or 3 trades with 1st round pick to get a goalie so it make the mock draft MORE CHALLENGING.

    On the 1st mock draft I did a small description of each player

    On the 2nd mock draft I did a small description of each player & the upside/downside if they make the NHL which is not 100% of them.

    On this last mock draft I'm gonna do a small description of each player & 1 or 2 options that can go with the team pick. I'm gonna judge my mock only with the 1st choice & not with the 2 options & the possibility of the pick being traded.

    Last year 2003 Mock draft was a real success for me with 14 picks in the right spot & 24 of the 30 were taken in the 1st round.

    Here we go, I hope you will enjoy it.

    #1 Washington Capitals : Alexander Ovechkin LW (#1, #1)

    Everything as been said & done & done & done about him so there's no need to go with another profile about him. The only thing I would say is that Ovechkin is an AWESOME player but he's no Kovalchuk, he's more of a Joe Sakic more complete & less ''flamboyant'' than Ilya. It's not a knock on any players but the comparison with Ilya is like APPLE & ORANGES. Both players are gonna be great but Kovalchuk will put better numbers when their careers will be over

    Trade possibility : Close to 0.01%

    #2 Pittsburgh Penguins : Evgeni Malkin C (#2, #2)

    Another player that many already know a lot about. Compared to either Joe Thornton or Vinny Lecavalier, we don't know yet how tough he's gonna be down the road. I tend to think he's gonna be meaner than Lecavalier when it comes to hitting but far less than Joe Thornton.

    Trade possibility : Close to 0.01% unless the Caps prefered Malkin & trade down with Pittsburgh.

    #3 Chicago Black Hawks : Lauri Tukonen RW (#5, #5)

    I'm pretty sure that Chicago will go with a winger but which one, Ladd or Tukonen ? Very hard to predict but I'll go with Tukonen where the Ruutu factor may be in. Tukonen got a better upside IMO but he will take longer to get in the NHL than Ladd.

    Options : Andrew Ladd LW (70%) , Cam Barker (25%)
    Trade possibility : 30%, It's a real possibility that Columbus may trade a 3rd round pick with their #4 to secure Cam Barker.

    #4 Columbus Blue Jackets : Cam Barker D (#6,#4)

    Personnaly I think Olesz is a better fit for Columbus but Barker would be too hard to pass for Don McLean. Cam Barker got a great offensive upside but I'm not that sold about his DEFENSIVE ABILITIES which can be taught.

    Options : Rostislav Olesz (50%)
    Trade possibility : 25% I would be really surprise to see Columbus trade down unless they are sure that they target a player that they want other than Barker or Olesz so the only thing I see moving with Chicago to secure Barker if it's their MAN !

    #5 Phoenix Coyotes : Alvaro Montoya G (#7,#7)

    Will Phoenix taking a GOALIE ? It's very possible. One thing I'm pretty sure it's that Montoya is going #5 no matter if it's Phoenix or someone else. Montoya climb up the charts with his USA gold medal performance in the WJC U20 tournament. The guy is #1 or #2 depending on experts but Montoya seems more attractive on a marketing point of view for an american team.

    Options : Andrew Ladd is a defiite possibility (55%), Rostislav Olesz (40%)
    Trade possibility : 75%, If the right package came along from a team between #6 & #11, it's a definite possibility that Phoenix could move down. Florida & Los Angeles would be the possible partners for them.

    #6 New York Rangers : Rostislav Olesz C (#4,#6)

    If New York does not trade down, I expect Olesz to be picked by them but it's not reach to consider that they can take Marek Schwarz as #6 or trade down with Florida or Los Angeles (#11) to get Schwarz.

    Options : Marek Schwarz (65%), Andrew Ladd (35%)
    Trade possibility : 50%, Glen Sather could very well trade the pick if they target someone else than Olesz-Ladd-Schwarz.

    #7 Florida Panthers : Marek Schwarz G (#11,#11)

    Seems blurry for some who see Luongo as the young & franchise goaltender but considerer a 4-5 year of development for a goalie & no one in Florida goaltending depth, it makes a lot of sense that Schwarz is their man.

    Options : Andrew Ladd (50%), Drew Stafford (25%)
    Trade possibility : 50%, Florida is a partner to trade down if a player with a immediate help + a 1st round pick between 12th to 20th came along. Los Angeles could very well pitch for them.

    #8 Carolina Hurricanes : Ondrej Meszaros D (#12,#8)

    It's seems very clear to me that Carolina is going to pick a D in the 1st round, I know Andrew Ladd is still there @ 8th & they could very well pick him. Now it's always the same question Meszaros or Thelen ? Euro vs HF fan boy ? tough call.

    Options : A.J Thelen (75%) , Andrew Ladd (60%)
    Trade possibility : 25% with Ladd available @ 9th , an offer can come from the team between 9th & 12th.

    #9 Anaheim Mighty Ducks : Andrew Ladd LW (#3,#3)

    Anaheim will take with great pleasure a player that could be gone in the top 5 pick of this draft.

    Options : A.J Thelen (50%), Drew Stafford (40%)
    Trade possibility : 10%, I dont think Anaheim is interested to trade down & probably not willing to pay the price to trade up.

    #10 Atlanta Thrashers : A.J Thelen D (#8,#10)

    Atlanta wanted a D & Thelen fits the need. I'm sure Ladd would have been picked before Thelen but that's the way the draft goes.

    Options : Ladislav Smid (40%), Boris Valabik (20%)
    Trade possibility : 15% Unless they got a chance to move up, I don't see Atlanta trading down.

    #11 Los Angeles Kings : Robbie Schremp C (#10,#14)

    Can they pass up on Schremp ? At this point it's anyone's guess but if you're looking for high risk (depending on opinions on Schremp)/High reward pick, Robbie is the guy.

    Options : Drew Stafford (50%), Alexandre Picard (50%)
    Trade possibility : 70% With Montoya & Schwarz gone before they had a chance to pick, it's not a reach to consider that they could trade down to get a few other picks to get Dubnyk later & it's a definite possibility to see them trade up with Florida or Phoenix to secure one of the 2 goalies.

    #12 Minnesota Wild : Drew Stafford RW (#9,#9)

    If Jacques Lemaire have some influence on who to pick in the next draft , Stafford will be the pick. A hard worker with talent does equal Minnesota's philosophy.

    Options : Alexandre Picard (65%)
    Trade possibility : 10%, unless a great offer come to Risebrough, I doubt that the Wild will trade down.

    #13 Buffalo Sabres : Ladislav Smid D (#13,#13)

    This is another strong possibility that the Sabres will take a D on this draft. It all depends if they want a project in Valabik or a safe pick with good potential in Smid.

    Options : Boris Valabik (90%)
    Trade possibility : 10% I don't see Buffalo trading up or down at this point.

    #14 Edmonton Oilers : Lauri Korpikoski (#17,#18)

    It's not a secret that the Oilers love to pick from Finland & Korpikoski is an interesting pick for this team.

    Options : Alexandre Picard (50%), Wojtek Wolski (50%)
    Trade possibility : 25% Unless they got a 1st + 3rd for their 14th , I don't see them trading down.

    #15 Nashville Predators : Kyle Chipchura C (#15,#15)

    Well Chipchura was meant to be a Preds & I really see him being picked by Nashville.

    Options : Dave Bolland (50%),
    Trade possibility : 10%, I dont see them trading up or down

    #16 New York Islanders : Boris Valabik D (#16,#16)

    Valabik seems to get a lot of attention in the last few weeks, how it will translate into the DRAFT, we'll see. Valabik seems like a good fit for the Isles where they need to put some depth in their future defensive corpse.

    Options : Bruce Graham (30%), Kirill Lyamin (30%)
    Trade possibility : 50% With Mike Milbury on board, you never know !

    #17 St-Louis Blues : Alexandre Picard LW (##14,#12)

    Picard could be between #12 to #20 depending on which team loves him or not.
    The Blues get a fine LW that could develop into something very good if he progress well.

    Options : Wojtek Wolski (50%)
    Trade possibility : 30%, everything is possible at this point, StLouis are a good trading partner if they want to move & part with some salaries.

    #18 Montreal Canadiens : Alexander Radulov RW (#18,#22)

    Well it's maybe a wishful thinking on my side but I really think there's a definite chance he'll be there @ 18th. Maybe he's tough to coach but he's not selfish, he's a team player & he plays with intensity every night. I LOVE THAT GUY.

    Options : Wojtek Wolski (40%), Mike Green (40%), Lukas Kaspar (20%)
    Trade possibility : 15% I really doubt the Habs will trade down but if some prospect like Marcel Hossa is available, it's not impossible that they might trade up a few spots if they want someone they like more.

    #19 Calgary Flames : Wojtek Wolski LW (#30, #17)

    Wolski was arguably the best player at 19th. Wolski could progress very well in a Sutter type system & he provide something that the flames missing : pts producer.

    Options : Bruce Graham (50%), Dave Bolland (50%)
    Trade possibility : 10% , I dont see the Flames trading down but if Gauthier is available & someone might be interested like Buffalo, they can move up.

    #20 Dallas Stars : Kirill Lyamin D

    Tough player with some offensive potential, sound like Derian Hatcher ? We'll see but he fits very well Dallas future needs.

    Options : Dave Bolland (50%), Petteri Nokelainen (30%)
    Trade possibility : 25% The Stars need to unload some big payrolls type of player & if someone is willing to take part with someone like Guerin they got a chance to move up.

    #21 Colorado Avalanche : Lukas Kaspar RW (NA, NA)

    Kaspar almost made my top 30 in both precedent mock draft. Why did he made #21 ? It was him or Sindel. I had a tough time to decide which one will be picked.

    Options : Jakub Sindel (70%), Mike Green (30%)
    Trade possibility : 35% With Shantz, Schneider, Dubnyk still available , it's very possible that someone would like to trade with Colorado.

    #22 New Jersey Devils : Mike Green D (#29, #23)

    The Devils got a chance to revitalize their D with a good offensive D-man & they took him. There a lot of possibility at this point so it's very hard to determine the teams liking.

    Options : Jakub Sindel (70%), Jeff Schultz (30%)
    Trade possibility : 30% again the Devils could trade down if they thing the player they wanted is still available later.

    #23 Ottawa Senators : Jeff Schultz D (NA, #24)

    The Sens need to restock at the D position & Jeff Schultz could be a winner pick @ 23. Absolutely everything is possible at this point.

    Options Wes O'Neill (50%), Bruce Graham (50%)
    Trade possibility : 40% with Dubnyk-Schantz-Schneider still there.

    #24 New York Rangers : Cory Schneider G (NA, #30)

    With Blackburn uncertainty plus the fact that we never have enough depth at the G position. Schneider is a good bet for the Rangers @ 24.

    Options : Bruce Graham (50%), Jakub Sindel (50%)
    Trade possibility : 50% The Rangers are a good partner to trade up or down with all the pick they have.

    #25 Edmonton Oilers : Jakub Sindel RW (#21, #21)

    Sindel could go before #25 & could go 2nd round, it all depend on the interview & the scouting report on each team. His potential is very good.

    Options : Devan Dubnyk (40%), Enver Lisin (40%), Petteri Nokelainen (20%)
    Trade possibility : 50% Edmonton is always open to get more draft pick.

    #26 Vancouver Canucks : Devan Dubnyk G (#25,#26)

    Again the pressure on the G was there & the NEW GM of the Canucks got a chance to pick one.

    Options : Enver Lisin (50%), Dave Bolland (50%)
    Trade possibility : 10% I doubt that Vancouver will part with their 1st round pick

    #27 Washington Capitals : Dave Bolland C (NA, #27)

    The Caps got a small & very gifted center & at 27th, it could turn out to be a steal in this draft.

    Options : Enver Lisin (60%), Bruce Graham (40%)
    Trade possibility : 65% The Caps with the #27, #29 are a good partner to trade up for a 1st + 2nd. We'll see at the draft.

    #28 San Jose Sharks : Enver Lisin RW (#22,#25)

    This is another case of which team like Lisin or not. He could fall to the 2nd round but he's definitely 1st round potential IMO.

    Options : Bruce Graham (50%), Roman Voloshenko (40%), Viktor Alexandrov (10%)
    Trade possibility : 10% I doubt the Sharks will trade up or down.

    #29 Washington Capitals : Bruce Graham C (NA, NA)

    Another one who's moving up the charts on this draft. After taking a small center with talent, it's time to take a big center project like Graham.

    Options : Petteri Nokelainen (40%), Roman Voloshenko (30%), Viktor Alexandrov (30%)
    Trade possibility : same as #27 because they have 3 picks.

    #30 Tampa Bay Lightning : David Shantz G (NA, NA)

    Very tough at this point because there's a lot of good possibilities @ 30 : Alexandrov, Voloshenko, Soderberg, Nokelainen, O'Neill but only 30 will make it.


    As you can see, I can easily go wrong in that draft but I took a chance on some. There's no real guaranteed 1st round pick around 20th.

    I hope you liked it.

    We'll see the results SATURDAY !

    Russian Fan
  2. KH1

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    Great Mock, except the Isles should think long and hard about Wolski and Picard if they are still on the board.
  3. dem

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    If Dubnyk is still there at 25.. the Oilers WILL take him.
    Though I agree with their pick at 14. I have a feeling theyre going to jump the gun and pick Korpikoski.
  4. Jagr_68

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    northern ontario
    Big News, New York post says the Hawks are close to trading the 3rd pick in Saturdays draft for Scott Gomes and the 22nd pick in this saturday's draft.The Devils would then draft Cam Barker with the 3rd pick.
  5. TrampsLikeUs

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    Good mock. I would die (in a bad way) if the Rags took a goalie in the first round, but it seems pretty likely that they will for some reason. :banghead:
  6. EroCaps

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    GJ. However, It would make little sense for the Caps to take two centers at 27/29, and skip on the available defensemen.
  7. Russian Fan

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    I'm not sure Wolski will be pick in the top 15 , just a feeling I guess. About Picard, he could very well be picked from 12th to 20th.

    The funny thing is that I put Dubnyk 1st to EDMONTON & I changed my mind & thought Sindel would be a nice player for Edmonton. Dubnyk in EDM is a real possibility though.

    I thought about getting 1 D for Washington in 27 or 29 but I thought all the good D worth a 1st round pick was gone. I know there's some D that I didn't put that could very well be pick in the 1st round like Fransson , but I just think he's a border 1st round pick.

    You know it more than me though about the Caps needs in 4-5 years down the road
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