Rumours abound around the Flames....

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by MatthewFlames, Jul 20, 2006.

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    CALGARY (CP)_ It's free agency and that means Rumours. And for the Calgary Flames the rumours are of wholesale changes, massive free agents bids and more than one veteran player on thier way out. GM Kershaw has been silent, but that hasn't stopped others with inside knowledge of the situation speaking out.

    Our Insider, who asked not to be named, sat down with Canadian Press and had this to say:

    CP: Why is it so quiet on the Flames front? Is this a sign that they are continueing to sit tight and build from within?

    Insider: Not at all - it just happens that other orginizations haven't talked about the flurry of activity around our GM's office. And by flurry I don't mean the return of Theo.

    CP: What exactly is happening?

    Insider: Everything. Massive Free Agent bids and trade talk involving two top six forwards.

    CP: Okay, let's start with the trade talk.

    Insider: It's all about goalies -- names like Mary Turco and J-S Giguere are being heavily talked about -- and firm offers have been made. In addition, they Flames are making a lot of noise about Theodore and even Chris Osgood in the free agency side. It could be that Prospal and Hejduk are on thier way out.

    CP: Wow.

    Insider: And that is not all.. of course the Flames have a ton of dmen prospects - and it looks like they will be going after a premier dman by offering two or three of those prospects in return. This roster will look very different come September.

    CP: and on the free agency hunt, who else are the Flames bidding for?

    Insider: Of course, they lost Luongo and Kovalchuk in free agency, but they are making a big bid to bring similar talent back in. The team has only 27 million in commited salary for next season. They have the cap room and the picks, and you name it, the offers will be out there... Jagr, Iginla, Gomez.. Expect the max salary with long term deals made - and at least two of those players to be here in September.

    CP: That would make a radical shift in philosophy.

    Insider: With the way free agency is these days.. and the age at which players become UFA - you have to win now when you have a core together. There are those in this orginization that believe that they are only a few players away from making a big run at the cup, despite the fact that they have never made the HFNHL playoffs.

    CP: That would be quite the turn of events... any other minor free agents that the Flames are looking at?

    Insider: Radim Vrbata. They'll over pay, but they believe he can really blossom. Also, watch for a veteran defenceman. The team will trade the likes of Eminger or Michalek, Alberts or Sekeras for a premier defenseman - and then add a player like Zubov, Tverdovsky, or Hatcher to the mix.

    CP: It sounds like big changes are in store. Thanks for the info.

    Insider: Any time.. and just remember... don't use my name.
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    I don't think I realised that - you've been so close, I guess I just figured you'd been in at some point. Good luck this season!

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