Rules for AHL players in same town as NHL parent club?

Discussion in 'National Hockey League Talk' started by NA Scouting, Oct 11, 2018.

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    On the Habs board someone asked a question regarding if the AHL players can just come up to the Bell Center and watch the game? Would they be allowed in like any other staff members? Would they have to go up to the press box or something?

    In the same vein someone asked if they can hang around the locker room and maybe practice with the NHL squad?

    It's a legit question since a lot of NHL teams have their AHL squad in the same town now. For exemple Laval is only a short taxi ride from the Bell Center. What's stopping Michael McCarron to hang out at the Bell Center on game day? Rules against that or something?

    This is a non-issue if your AHL team is far away, but same town? There must be rules outlining the process here. I mean, Michael McCarron cannot just show up to a Habs practice without first being called up, or could he in theory?
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    Good question.
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    Comes down to "team activities" - meaning things like (but not limited to) team meetings, practices, etc. during the season are generally limited to players on the active roster. When you're sent down and recalled, at least as of a few years ago (and I can't imagine it has changed), you have to actually report...there needs to be some receipt of that. Now, in the example you're giving, nothing stops the guy from walking across the street (like it was in Philadelphia for a time, just walk across the parking lot and you're in the minors) and coming back to the team. But you can't participate in team activities.

    You can attend a game, sure. Teams have passes for representatives of the team. But in terms of on-ice activities or activities pertaining to on-ice're running a risk of non-compliance. It's not like practices are closed to all comers, even if some are closed to the public, that doesn't mean there is no risk.

    Moreover, doesn't your AHL club want you to be around to, ya know, practice, play, etc.?

    If it's not in the CBA - and it might be, but not in the exact language that you want, you may have to piece it together - it's probably in the by-laws, which are not public...

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