Rocket Richard Old timers game?

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by Seanconn*, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Call me crazy, but I definitely think there are enough players who have won scoring titles but didn't win the Rocket Richard because they played too early. It's the one NHL award other than the Norris, which should have been there the same year the Art Ross was created. The difference is while picking could have been Norris winners is so subjective... Picking past goal scoring leaders is as cut and dry as you can get.

    Gretz, Lemieux, Bossy, Tkachuk, Lafleur, Dionne, Hull, Yzerman, Kurri, Fedorov, Esposito... just a few names I can name off the top of my head that could probably be able to attend and play in such a game.

    probably a lot freaking more from the 80's and the 70's that I couldn't even name without looking up.

    get as many of those guys as you can, as long as they had enough players will to participate to fill 2 teams, opening the game up to other retired players who would be willing to participate, regardless of being a former single season goal scoring leader... and I think you could have a very entertaining game before the All-Star game. charge an extra 20-50 dollar on the ticket because they fans get to watch 2 full hockey games, and have the proceeds go to a really good charity.

    I think if you could get at least 10 of these guys on board, and soften the deal that anyone who achieved their single season goal scoring title before the 1999 season and didn't actually win a rocket, is presented with a personal replica of the trophy.

    For guys like Bossy who is seriously lacking in regular season hardware considering his HOF career, might be a nice gesture, and could make an entertaining game before an All-Star game.

    and hell, who doesn't like watching Old-Timer hockey games?? Put this in any city across Canada, or the US "hockey belt" and people are definitely willing to pay extra for their ticket.

    even if they need to make 20 trophies, if we have some guys wheeling onto the ice in a wheelchair to accept the award... :laugh: I don't see how you couldn't get the replica trophies made by a decent trophy maker in China for under $2000 which is nothing for the NHL ;)

    it's the nostalgia and doing something for a good cause that is the point of this :handclap:
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