Confirmed with Link: Robert Mayer signed in Switzerland for 2013-14/2014-15

Discussion in 'Montreal Canadiens' started by habsprospects, Feb 19, 2013.

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    He's a 19 yo in the 'Q. Fully expect him to get drafted/receive an invite to a camp.
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    Yes, several. I really hope that managament is keeping an eye out on Juho Olkinuora as he's a teammate of Didier's. He's only a Sophmore so I don't know if he will leave school early but he's a '90 birthyear so he's older and might not want to pass on an NHL contract. He impressed me a lot last year but this year he's been lights out at times, big fan.

    Others of possible interest, of course we'll have to see how they do in the playoffs which are right around the corner (all our prospects have between 3 and 6 games left in the regular season)

    Eric Hartzell (Quinn)- Lots of rumors about NHL teams being interested in him, haven't seen him play this year yet but his team is having a huge year in the ECAC so I should see him in the playoffs and frozen four tournament.

    Frank Slubowski (Western Michigan)- teammate of Mike Cichy's plus their head coach used to work for the Habs, former NHL head coach Andy Murray but he's also a Sophmore so no telling when he will want to turn pro. Much like Olkinuora he's a late '90 so he also might be tempted with an NHL contract in the summer. Like Hartzell he also is leading his team to a great season. Also a big fan of him so I hope the Habs are keeping tabs on both which one would assume so since they have prospects on each team.

    Troy Grosenick (Union)- Another goalie out of the ECAC, he's a junior so no word if he will turn pro this summer but I know several NHL teams were rumored to be interested in him last summer after his big year. Not having the same success he had last year though so he may want to head back to school for his Senior year and see if he can put up better numbers.

    Andy Iles (Cornell)- Yet another goalie out of the ECAC that's also a junior. I only saw him once and didn't really stick out one way or the other but Cornell is a very well coached team not sure how he compares to the leafs Scrivens as Iles got there the following season.

    Brady Hjelle (Ohio St)- Just saw him last night, thought he looked good but not the biggest goalie. Putting up good numbers and Ohio St is another team that has had a big turnaround.

    Parker Milner (BC)- A teammate of Colin Sullivan's, got to think NHL teams will be interested in him this summer. BC has been great the past few years winning a couple National Titles and their coach just broke the record for all time coaching wins.

    Casey DeSmith (UNH)- haven't seen him yet, he's another Sophmore so no telling when he would want to turn pro but i've heard talk that NHL teams are already showing interest after his impressive freshman season.

    Doug Carr (UMass-Lowell)- The former team of Ron Hainsey, Carr is a Junior but not having a great season from what i've heard (haven't seen him since last year). Last season there were lots of rumors about NHL teams being interested, but he may want to return for his Senior year to see if he can rebound.

    Not a FA but I assume he won't get drafted as he's undersized

    Jake Hildebrand (Michigan St) a Freshman starter on a bad Michigan St team, haven't seen much of him but in the games i did see he was very impressive.

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