Revolutionizing vs Perfecting a position

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by amnesiac, Jan 8, 2011.

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    When debating the greatest players of all-time you often see players whove revolutionized a certain position at the top of the ranks (Orr, Harvey, Kelly, Lindsay). It definitely displays a certain intelligence and skill to be the "first" to play a certain way, and then have many follow in your footsteps to try and perfect this talent.

    When trying to balance the the two (Revolutionizing vs perfecting), which in your opinion carries more weight when ranking the greatest of all-time? Are some players given too much credit for revolutionizing a position? Whats the next step going forward in today's NHL?

    Weve obviously seen a great jump in goaltending over the past 15 years (Roy, Hasek, Brodeur). Will we ever see as many dominating goaltenders in the near future?

    What about defencemen? They say a franchise defenceman is more important then ever to be a Cup contender today. Puck-moving Dmen are also a huge part in today's NHL.

    Is the power forward beginning to fade, whereas younger speedy and agile players are becoming the norm? Are 1-dimensional pure sniping wingers a la Brett Hull, Bondra, or Bure still in demand as much today?

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