Reminder of Trade Restriction on resigned players that would have been UFAs otherwise

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by GM Bruins, Dec 5, 2003.

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    I am reposting this email from the commish ( from last year ) to remind GM's of the trade restriction affecting all UFAs ( UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS! )who were resigned in this past offseason before they were able to test the FA waters. Please keep this in mind while discussing your trades!

    GM Bruins

    - As I mentioned previously, the HFNHL is adopting a rule to restrict
    the trading of UFA-eligible players that re-sign with a team prior to
    the open signing period.

    More specifically, all potential UFAs signed from the beginning of
    the season through June 30th of the following year (i.e. start of the
    open signing period) are subject to trade restriction.

    The trade restriction will run through Game Day 80 of the regular
    season. Players affected by the restriction may be freely dealt from
    Day 81 on. Subject to a buy-out, affected players may be dealt while
    the restriction is still in effect. The buy-out will equal 75% of one
    year's salary.

    This rule is effective immediately.

    Most of you have noticed that there's a shortage of UFAs on the open
    market this off-season. The league feels that this new rule will help
    ensure that teams only re-sign the UFAs that they're committed to
    keeping on their team. Because our players are bits and bytes,
    there's little accounting for team loyalty in the HFNHL.

    NHL teams generally don't re-sign players just to have extra trading
    fodder. Rather, they re-sign them out of loyalty, and because they
    think they're a better team with the player than without him.
    Likewise, players don't forego free agency to sign with teams that
    just want to trade them. Why do that when you could choose your own
    team as a UFA? In that respect, I personally feel this new rule will
    add extra realism to the HFNHL. Even in the case of the NHL's Detroit
    Red Wings, champions are built, not bought. -
  2. Just to add to that, and this is not a new rule ... RFA's that had their offers matched this summer are not tradeable w/ one exception. The team may trade them to the team that made the RFA offer that was matched.
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