Redden Leaves Beantown

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Vaive-Alive, Mar 22, 2007.

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    Boston (AP)

    Beantown gasped at the news of Wade Redden being dealt today. The news hit the town like a fishy wind, bringing some fans to tears and filling others with rage. However, GM Krueger held a press conference to let the fans know that there was some method in his madness - a madness that seemed to creep into the soul of every fan.

    "Fellow Beans, don't despair. We have not abandoned our playoff hopes. Nor have we lost site of our need to build youth. This deal was struck to ensure balance was maintained with the club. Wade is a champion, and we know that. But the players coming to Boston in return fit our two goals: To add promising youth to our franchise, and to be competitive. Sheldon Souray is a solid addition to this squad - next year we particularely expect him to shine. Jeff Carter is a blue-chip youngster who will rise to be a star in years to come. And Chelios is a seasoned veteran who is still a defensive powerhouse with exceptional leadership qualities.
    None the less, in this business one must subtract in order to add - and we understand your grief. But we made a tough decision that we feel was in the best interest of this franchise. We need to build our youth, but we don't want to sacrifice our competitiveness in order to do so - this deal does not lose sight of those franchise goals.<gulp>. Now go home and drink your sorrows away."

    GM Krueger picked up the new recruits at the airport and immediately took them to the Rusty Bean for a good ol' Beantown hazing.

    Bobby Orr
    Boston Globe
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    That ought to fire 'em up for tonight's game against Edmonton! :D

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