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Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by caseygraves, Jun 17, 2007.

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    Me a Michigander rooted for the Calgary Flames thought the the 88-89 season... because i watched them the year before and remembered their heartbreaking loss.... Don Cherry said "they were one goal post away from wining it." So they instantly became my favorite team because I didn't want to jump on the Edmonton bandwagon and at that time Yzerman was still too much of a puck hog...

    So tonight with the misses out of town and me with more beer to drink, I decide to watch this old game on Google video that i haven't watched since a child.

    Ever since this event me and my brother could name lots of players on this team....

    Lanny Mcdonald

    And of course the main man the guy who I LOVED to see in a WINGS uniform MIKE VERNON...who still has a quicker glove hand than JS Guigere...

    But its funny up until tonight I forgot the name Loob... he has seemed to touch the puck a lot in this first period...

    Also... its funny to see Chelios do similar moves to TODAY.. but he doesn't put the puck in as deep as he used to...

    Just some recollections to start a thread... I'm about to start the second period...

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