Re-do The 2005 Top 10 Here

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by theo_60, Aug 12, 2005.

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    Say Bob Gainey wasn't on so much crack the day of the draft, how do you think the top 10 would look (I know I know about the UFA age dropping and depth etc., but I still think it should have been Brule at No. 5)?

    1. Pittsburgh - Crosby
    2. Anaheim - Bobby Ryan
    3. Carolina - Jack Johnson
    4. Minnesota - Benoit Pouliot
    5. Montreal - Gilbert Brule
    6. Columbus - Anze Kopitar/Jack Skille ??
    7. Chicago - Carey Price ??
    8. San Jose - Devin Setoguchi
    9. Ottawa - Anze Kopitar/Jack Skille (whichever is left) ??
    10. Vancouver - Luc Bourdon

    No use chancing the top 4 because their isn't much argument here - each team got what they wanted and needed. San Jose traded up for Setoguchi so they were sold on him. Do you agree with the rest?
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