Rank these 19 prospects, please

Discussion in 'General Fantasy Talk' started by rangerssharks414, Sep 29, 2018.

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  1. rangerssharks414

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    Long Island, NY
    G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SOG
    W, GAA, SV%, SHO

    It is a dynasty league with no cap or no limit on how long you can keep the player. I am not really a prospects guy, so I need some help. Feel free to leave a link to your question. Thanks in advance.

    Anderson-Dolan, Jaret (LA - C)
    Aston-Reese, Zach (Pit - C,RW)
    Bear, Ethan (Edm - D)
    Bjork, Anders (Bos - LW)
    Dobson, Noah (NYI - D)
    Dube, Dillon (Cgy - C)
    Formenton, Alex (Ott - LW)
    Geekie, Morgan (Car - C)
    Groulx, Benoit-Olivier (Ana - C)
    Jones, Max (Anh - LW)
    Kamenev, Vladislav (Col - C)
    Kuokkanen, Janne (Car - C,LW)
    Laberge, Pascal (Phi - C)
    Milano, Sonny (Cls - LW)
    Merkley, Nick (Ari - C,RW)
    Sanheim, Travis (Phi - D)
    Skarek, Jakub (NYI - G)
    Tolvanen, Eeli (Nsh - RW)
    White, Colin (Ott - C)
  2. Brockon

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    Northern Canada
    As a Bear, Geekie and Skarek owner I'm curious as to the feedback others will provide. G, A, PPP SHP, PIMs, Hits and Blocks for skaters in a salary dynasty league

    Bear has 2nd pairing, 1st/2nd PP QB potential.
  3. Flukeshot

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    Brampton, Ont
    I'll give you my ranking based on just Pts and +/- as that's what my league uses. I really don't follow PIM at all.

    Tolvanen, Eeli (Nsh - RW) - some risk he ends up back in the K this year, but by far #1 here

    Dobson, Noah (NYI - D) - Should make the team next year
    Jones, Max (Anh - LW) - Ducks will need to make a youth movement shortly, goes nicely with Terry and Steel
    Sanheim, Travis (Phi - D) - high end potential but may be stuck behind Ghost and Provo

    Kamenev, Vladislav (Col - C) - I think the Avs want him to succeed, may get based by Kaut though
    Dube, Dillon (Cgy - C) - Looked great in pre-season
    Formenton, Alex (Ott - LW) - Lots of talent but +/- may suck for years

    Bjork, Anders (Bos - LW) - boosted by +/-
    Merkley, Nick (Ari - C,RW) - needs Arizona to improve as a whole
    White, Colin (Ott - C) - Should have been better in AHL but still should gets lots of playing time in the next couple of seasons
    Milano, Sonny (Cls - LW) - This year will tell you a lot about his future chances, I think boom or bust
    Anderson-Dolan, Jaret (LA - C) - Quality prospect
    Bear, Ethan (Edm - D) - potential decent pts with other categories helping him
    Aston-Reese, Zach (Pit - C,RW) - just needs to catch on with the right super star but if he doesn't I think he busts
    Groulx, Benoit-Olivier (Ana - C) - I haven't seen enough yet

    I am not sure the rest of these guys will be fantasy relevant at all.
    Kuokkanen, Janne (Car - C,LW)
    Geekie, Morgan (Car - C)
    Laberge, Pascal (Phi - C)
    Skarek, Jakub (NYI - G)
  4. PAZ

    PAZ .

    Jul 14, 2011
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    I Like the list, but i'd change it around a bit in terms of player upside (ignoring teams since most of these players will be bust fantasy-wise), comments on the changed players:

    Tolvanen, Eeli (Nsh - RW)

    Dobson, Noah (NYI - D) - Looks like a huge steal for the Islanders
    Sanheim, Travis (Phi - D) - Great prospect and Philly will be a stacked team sooner than later.
    White, Colin (Ott - C) - Played for a crappy AHL team and will play for a crappy NHL team, but high-end potential.

    Merkley, Nick (Ari - C,RW) - Really like his potential and has some potential young, quality players to play with. By no means a guarantee though.
    Formenton, Alex (Ott - LW) - Think he's worth a gamble if you want a high upside prospect, but a risky pick and a few years away.

    Jones, Max (Anh - LW) - Definitely high upside if he puts it together, but I think he was a product of a stacked Knights team. I personally wouldn't bet on him, simply doesn't have the hockey IQ.
    Milano, Sonny (Cls - LW) - Think his floor is a 20-30 point NHL player, ceiling is a bit more questionable. A change of scenery to a team with less depth would be highly beneficial.
    Bjork, Anders (Bos - LW) - Huge upside IMO, but injuries and a stacked Bruins team will make it hard for him to find a top 6 spot. As like Milano, change of scenery would be beneficial.
    Kamenev, Vladislav (Col - C) - If everything goes right, his ceiling is a 50 point #2C, but i'd bet he'll be closer to a ~30 point #3C if he can crack the NHL.
    Dube, Dillon (Cgy - C) - Seems more like a very safe, hardworking player but still has some nice potential.

    The rest the OP listed are still decent prospects and I pretty much agree with the sentiment on those players. At least at this point, i'd say they aren't too indistinguishable from one another (besides older prospects like ZAR, but you already made the points).
  5. Sting

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    Oakville, Ontario
    I disagree with these. Colin White does not have high-end potential. Think #2/#3C tops.

    Formenton is on the opening night roster for Ottawa. He's not particularly risky because he's basically an NHLer as is. As for his upside...I would guess #2 LW in the mold of a Chris Kreider.

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