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Discussion in 'The Rink' started by Orthodox Caveman, Feb 12, 2007.

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    hello all,

    i was playing at the local drop-in last tuesday night and one of my friends said that the huron hockey program was going to have a summer hockey camp this july. i'm about to finish my first adult league season and i was wondering if i should sign up for the camp and take the summer season off or the other way around, or do both. just not sure if i have the cash to do both.

    i'm 19. i've played roller hockey since i was 7, and i joined the adult league this past fall as the youngest player on the team (i started ice skating last summer). since then, we've played a 14 game regular season and i've captured the team lead in goals (16), tied for the lead in assists (8) and lead in points (24). we start the playoffs next week as the 2nd seed, then about a month break before the summer season starts. and i feel like i should take advantage and learn from professionals then come back and play in the fall. what do you all think.

    thank you all.

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