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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by The Fuhr*, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Am i wrong with my assesment of the following players or am I over-rating anyone. Have this system in a fantasy league I am in and I realize it needs some work so just seeing if my feelings towards these players are the concensus from other people. Thanks to anyone who responds.

    Roman Voloshenko,LW (Top 6 forward)
    Alexei Kaigorodov, C (2nd Line center)
    David Backes,W/C (2nd line RW)
    Scott Jackson,D (Number 3-4 D-man)
    Brodie Dupont,W (Raffi Torres like winger)
    Brian Elliott,G (Hoby Baker finalist could be a very good number 1 some day)
    Brett Carson,D (2nd pairing two-way defenseman)
    Michael Funk.D (Number 3-4 D-man)
    Patrick McNeill,D (PPQB)
    Rob Globke,RW ( 3rd line checker, eventual two-way forward)
    Joe Barnes,C (Two Way Center)
    Ilya Krikunov,c (2nd line Center if he ever comes over)
    Dmitri Patzoid,G (NHL Backup with potential to be a number 1)
    Dan Collins,C (3rd line two-way center)
    Sergei Anshakov,RW (Top 6 upside if he comes over)
    John Mitchelle,C (3rd line center)
    Dmittri Magolinsky,D (Volchenkov like D-man if developed proporly)
    Geoff Palkowich,C (3rd line checker ie. Joel Otto)
    Dmitri Chernykh,RW ( 3rd line player)
    Jim Sharrow,D (Bottom pairing D-man)
    Jonas Johansson,LW(4th line winger tops)
    Alexander Polushin,LW (Could be an NHLer if he ever comes over)
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    top 4 sounds good to me, also Elliot could work out like that as well... from a Pens fan's point-of-view, however, I wish I could say Anshakov has that potential... 1 year ago, I would have said you were definitely spot-on. Since that time, though, I've heard all sorts of problems with both his game and mindset that I am almost positive he will never come over and be a productive player :(

    I don't know enough about the rest so rather than steer you wrong, I'll stick to my guns.

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