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By ESH · Nov 21, 2018 · Updated Nov 22, 2018
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    Alright everybody I wanna hear about how your players have been doing this season. Grade them/rank them/describe them; I don't care how you do it.

    For :flames:

    Johnny Gaudreau - A- he's been pretty standard, creating plays all the time.
    Sean Monahan - A- same as Gaudreau really, just finishing rather than creating. He looks stronger on the puck than before.
    Elias Lindholm - A better than I could have hoped for and much more skilled than I expected. He's the defensive conscience of the top line. His goal totals are a bit misleading because he doesn't have a great shot, he just gets into good areas to bury it into an open net.
    Matthew Tkachuk - A+ he's tied with Giordano for the Flames MVP in my opinion so far. He's easily the most well-rounded player on the Flames. He's a great playmaker, and he's the best on the Flames at tips/redirections. He's also ridiculously strong on the puck.
    Mikael Backlund - B he seems to have lost his scoring touch. He's still got decent speed and puck skills, and he's still one of the better shutdown centers in the league.
    Sam Bennett - C+ Flames fans will tell you about how many good scoring chances he gets, but in the end it hardly ever ends up showing on the scoreboard. He's gritty and he's thrown some huge hits this year, so he has value outside of scoring.
    Michael Frolik - C still a good defensive player, and he's chipped in with some goals too. He's obviously lost a step though.
    James Neal - D hardly ever notice him, and when I do it's quite often because he just did something stupid with the puck. I understand that he's the kind of player to wait around for a good chance and bury it, but he needs to be doing that more to earn his contract (which I think everyone can agree didn't seem great when he signed it).
    Mark Jankowski - D pretty unnoticeable as well. Hopefully he'll pick it up.
    Derek Ryan - D there's not one thing I can think of that he does well. He's just all around "meh". He also seems really weak battling for the puck.
    Austin Czarnik - C- he shows some decent skill. I wish he would get some more opportunities to show what he can do.
    Garnet Hathaway - D atleast he's a gritty 4th liner? Nothing more than that though.
    Dillon Dube - D has speed to burn and that's about it. He really needs to be sent down to the AHL to develop. His hands can't keep up with his feet.
    Anthony Peluso - F why was he even ever dressed???

    Mark Giordano - A he's been the backbone of the Flames defense for awhile now, and he's definitely not slowing down. If anything, he's speeding up. He should be a frontrunner for the Norris at this point.
    T.J. Brodie - C+ I guess he looks better beside Giordano than he did away from him. He's the best skater on the Flames, and a good passer, he's just nowhere near the player he was 3 years ago.
    Noah Hanifin - B not very flashy, just solid. Has looked better and better now that Hamonic is back. I honestly expected his skating to be better than it is. He never seems like he's skating as fast as he can, more just going as fast as he needs to. Excellent lateral mobility though, he walks around guys at the point all the time.
    Travis Hamonic - B+ very solid playing next to Hanifin. Easily the Flames 2nd best defensive defenseman.
    Juuso Valimaki - C he's looked better as the season has gone on. The offensive ability is crystal clear, just waiting for it to translate to points now. Great passer with a sneaky good shot.
    Rasmus Andersson - C he started off his first couple games looking iffy, but he's looked better and better playing on the 3rd pair with Valimaki. Good skater, passer, shooter. He has all the skills.
    Michael Stone - C glad to see him being scratched in favour of the rookies, though he's not necessarily any worse than them. I trust him more in the defensive zone, but his puck skills are nowhere near that of Valimaki or Andersson.

    Mike Smith - F I think Peters is finally starting to get that Smith shouldn't be the go-to guy in net right now. He has single-handedly cost the Flames atleast a few games with soft goals, early goals; he just lets in a lot of goals. Out of his 13 starts this season, only 4 of them have been "quality starts".
    David Rittich - B+ he's been great, and hopefully he'll get the reigns for now. I'm a little bit worried about him as the starter, because last season when Smith went down with injury is when Rittich started to falter (after a great start to the season).

    Okay your turn :D
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    Kyle Palmieri - A
    It's tough to complain about Palmieri's production. He's been great and could even have a few more goals as he's been robbed a few times.
    Travis Zajac - A Basically a renaissance year for Zajac. He's still not a 1C, but he's been fantastic considering the expectations
    Blake Coleman - A- One of the only players to produce secondary scoring, and he plays with an edge. What's not to love.
    Jesper Bratt - B+ We really missed him while he was injured. He's looked great since coming back.
    Taylor Hall - B+ Hasn't been very productive at ES and really hasn't hit his groove. That being said he's still our best player most nights and on a similar pace to his start last season.
    Nico Hischier - B+ He's been good. Finally getting some PP time, but could be a bit more productive at ES, but hard to complain as he's clearly building on his strong rookie campaign and progressing well.
    JS Dea - C He's probably overperformed, but he's really not all that good.
    Brian Boyle - C- He's been pretty meh. Good net-front presence and ok on the PP, but he's burned us a lot in the defensive end as well.
    Joey Anderson - C- He's been ok. Decent on the PK and finally got some points, but nothing special.
    Stefan Noesen - D+ He's been pretty ineffective.
    Brett Seney - D+ He isn't NHL ready. Shown some flashes, but typically he just gets run over by the other teams guys.
    Pavel Zacha - D+ He caught the MoJo cancer, but he's solid defensively and has some skill. Has had trouble finishing and unfortunately he's played with useless linemates for most of the season. Now that Bratt is back I expect Zacha to pick it up.
    Miles Wood - D He looked great in 1 or 2 games, but has been a disaster otherwise. When he can't finish he kind of reminds me of Zacha except that he can't play defense, makes stupid decisions, and is just a much worse hockey player.
    John Quenneville - D- Hasn't done anything. Feels like the fiftieth time he's been called up, and he never does anything.
    Drew Stafford - D- Hasn't played much and hasn't done anything when he has played.
    Marcus Johansson - F A cancer on the ice. Not productive, lazy, and screwing up Zacha.

    Damon Severson - B+ He still makes tons of boneheaded plays on D, but he's great on offense and one of the better guys we have to can easily break out of our zone and lead a rush without risking catastrophe (Looking at you Butcher).
    Sami Vatanen - B- A step back from last year, definitely looks like Sami has fallen back to reality.
    Andy Greene - C+ He's doing alright. Would be better if he played less.
    Mirco Mueller - C+ He's ok. Has had some very good games, others more meh. Definitely progressed quite a bit over last season which is great.
    Ben Lovejoy - C He's been fine. He's not very good, but not too many defensive disasters and he's a good team guy.
    Will Butcher - D+ He's been our worst D most nights. Lots and lots of regression over last season, hopefully it's just due to injury though.

    Keith Kincaid - B Keith has been fine. He still lets in a softy fairly often, but he's been a decent starter and has had some really good games. He's probably stolen more games for us than he's lost which is a net positive (and the opposite of what Cory does, which is lose every game possible).
    Cory Schneider - F We should send him to the AHL. Eddie f***ing Lack is a better backup than Schneider at this point.
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    canucks (all scores in comparison to how they were projected coming into the season)
    Bracket scores are in comparison to the NHL average in their roles:

    EP40: A+ (B+)
    Horvat: A+ (A-)
    Goldobin:B (C+)
    Eriksson: C (C)
    Boeser: C+ (C+)
    Virtanen: B (C)
    Granlund: B+ (B+)
    Roussell: B (C+)
    Baertschi: C+ (C+)
    Schaller: F (F)
    Sutter: C+ (B-)
    Gaudette: C+ (C)
    all others not worth discussing

    Overall: B (B-)
    literally the only reason we arent a bottom 5 team is cause we've scored 3 goals a game. this offense is a 2 headed juggernaut, where EP scores bunches playing with most of the offensive opportunities, while Horvat has done everything exceptionally well. overall, pretty much everyone besides those 2 are playing in a position thats 1 step ahead of their skilllevel (a 3rd line winger playing 2nd line minutes). my pick for most underrated is Granlund, who does abit of everything and has put up points while playing a defensive shutdown role. my overrated pick goes to Boeser, who has played worse than his 11points in 13 games indicates. ALso, for some reason, we have tim schaller and his 0g +3a in 23 games statline playing 1st line winger to horvat. this isnt even a temporary thing either, as hes been 1st line winger for quite awhile now.

    Tanev: B- (B)
    Hutton: B+ (B-)
    Gudbranson: C (C)
    Stecher: C+ (C)
    Edler: B (B+)
    Del Zotto: C- (C-)
    Pouliot: C- (C-)

    Overall: C (C-)
    Overall just an absolute tirefire. VAN and OTT are currently competing to see who can average 4 goals against first. Every single d-man blows on this roster, and the only one i can say who is playing better than expected is hutton (and all hes literally doing is tossing easy ass passes to EP40 on the PP to collect free points). my overrated pick goes to both Tanev and Pouliot. Tanev is not playing like a 5M defensive smoothskating possession monster D-man this year like previous years. playing like a shutdown 3C or 4C, when he should be leading by example for the rest of the nucks D. Pouliot also absolutely blows my mind. Plays 1st unit PP every game save the last one, and he somehow manages to collect no points whatsoever. cant even tee up a soft pass for EP to one time either and doesnt have good zone entry like a lone PP defender is supposed to have.

    Markstrom: B (F)
    Nilsson: B (C+)

    Overall: B (C-)
    I honestly believe the nucks defensive problems accounts for more of their goals against then goaltending. Yes, markstrom lets in probably on average 1 soft flopper of a goal every game, but he makes a tremendous amount of good saves every game. theres just no defense in front of them at all. plus, since nilsson went down, markstrom has started 11 of 12 games, including our long ass road trip out east, which i think contributes to some of the soft goals. i believe they will both settle into that 2.9GAA, .905 save average this year, which is honestly exactly i expected of them coming into this year.

    Travis Green gets a B+ grade: he knew his defense corps blows, so he plays a run and gun offence and hopes to win games 4-3. has gotten his players to play fast and forecheck hard. Offense has been there

    Overall: B (C+)
    I gave it a B cause they nucks are exactly where i expected them to be. start hot, pick up some early wins like every year, but as soon as the injuries start to pile up, we start losing games. as is vancouver tradition, losing 3-4 core players to injuries at any given time is pretty much a fact we nucks fans can expect every year.
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    Based on pre season expectations and a small amount of ranking based off overall performance:


    A+ Pettersson
    A+ Horvat
    B+ Virtanen
    B Sutter
    B Roussell
    C+ Boeser
    C+ Clamato Man
    C+ Gaudette
    C+ Gold
    C Eriksson
    C Beagle
    C Granlund
    C- Baertchi
    D+ Lipesic
    D Schaller

    A- Edler
    A- Hutton
    B Tanev
    C+ Stecher
    D- Gudbranson
    F+ Del Zotto
    F- Pouliot

    B- Markstrom
    C+ Nielsson
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    Max Domi A+ Can't ask for more, he's been dominant. he makes everybody he plays with better
    Tomas Tatar A Can be streaky (hot than cold than hot again) but when he's on he's driving the play
    Brendan Gallagher A not producing at the insane pace he was after 10 games but still very good getting all the tough match ups
    Jonathan Drouin A- Has been very good both offensively and defensively. He had a couple of bad games with a lot of turnovers but his offensive production compensate for it
    Paul Byron A- was looking at another 20+ goal season until he got injured, big loss for the team. He will be back in 1-2 weaks
    Joel Armia B+ very good 3rd liner Julien insist on playing him on the PP where he has no place but that not his fault
    Philip Danault B th eproduction isn't there but he's been very good defensively against the toughest match ups
    Artturi Lehkonen B could be PPG if he was able to convert all the chances he creates, insane work ethic shame he hasn't been able to score since his rookie season
    Andrew Shaw B has been great since being put on the Domi line. Plays better on offensive line than 4th lines
    Jesperi Kotkaniemi B solid just solid, shows he can be a lot better in the futur but he gets shelterd minutes
    Charles Hudon C getting 2nd waive PP but hasn't produce much, fine at 5v5 shouldn't be getting PP at this point
    Mike Peca C fine at 5v5 play not as good on the pk as I was expecting
    Kenny Agostino C fine depth player not much more than a 4th line grinder should be back in the AHL soon
    Nicolas Deslauriers D too slow for the new habs

    Jeff Petry A Rock solid playing more than 24min a night
    Noah Juulsen B+ already a legit top 4 carrying his pairing
    Mike Rielly B very good on the transition, fine for the rest
    Victor Mete C+ Could be better but still pretty good defensively
    David Schlemko C should not be playing anything more than 3rd pairing
    Jordie Benn C should not be playing anything more than 3rd pairing
    Xavier Ouellet C- Just meh
    Karl Alzner D- been terrible

    Carey Price C had a rough patch but has been playing like 14-15 Price in his last 3 starts
    Antti Niemi C- the defense is pretty bad but still he doesn't make the clutch saves like last year
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    Staring at spreadsheets.
    Sitting at a desk.
    Projected starting line up (you could switch some players around) with no injuries:

    Hyman (C+) - Tavares (A+) - Marner (A+)
    Kapanen (A) - Matthews (A+) - Nylander (F)
    Marleau (C+) - Kadri (B+) - Brown (C-)
    Levio (C-) - Lindholm (B-) - Johnsson (C)

    Ennis (C-)
    Gauthier (D)

    Rielly (A+) - Hainsey (B-)
    Gardiner (B+) - Zaitsev (D+)
    Dermott (B) - Ohziganov (D)

    Andersen (A+)
    Sparks (C)

    Left Defence
    Right Wing

    Left Wing
    Right Defence
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    LA-LA Land
  8. Beville #ForTheBoys

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    Don’t suck as much as everyone thought they would so far (at least).
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    Hyman: C
    Tavares: A+
    Marner: A+
    Marleau: C-
    Kadri: C
    Kapanen: A+
    Johnsson: C-
    Lindholm: C
    Brown: D
    Ennis: C+
    Gauthier: C-
    Leivo: C+
    Matthews: A+

    Rielly: A+
    Hainsey: B-
    Gardiner: C+
    Zaitsev: D
    Dermott: A+
    Ozhiganov: C+

    Andersen: A+
    Sparks: C-
  10. EdJovanovski Registered User

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    Retired NHL’er

    David Quinn A+
    Lias Andersson C+
    Pavel Buchnevich B+
    Filip Chytil A
    Jesper Fast B-
    Kevin Hayes A
    Brett Howden A+
    Chris Kreider A+
    Cody McLeod C
    Vladislav Namestnikov A
    Jimmy Vesey A+
    Mika Zibanejad A+
    Mats Zuccarello C
    Anthony DeAngelo A+
    Adam McQuaid B-
    Neal Pionk B
    Kevin Shattenkirk C-
    Brady Skjei B
    Brendan Smith B-
    Marc Staal C
    Alexandar Georgiev C
    Henrik Lundqvist A+
  11. Viqsi RIP 303 | #sticksoutforkivi

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    Jackets 1st, Preds 2nd
    40N 83W (approx)
    Jackets review:

    Cam Atkinson: A+ - On pace for like fifty goals or something. :eek:
    Pierre-Luc Dubois: A - He's really coming into his own as a big bruising scoring #1C; it's so much fun to watch. :D
    Artemi Panarin: A- - He's not scoring as many goals but is otherwise just fine.
    Anthony Duclair: A- - We're starting to see a bit of that insufficient backchecking issue he's had earlier, but he and Torts are working on it, and there's no question that his start to the season has been absolutely fantastic.
    Josh Anderson: A- - Continues to be one of our best finishers and breakaway guys.
    Boone Jenner: B+ - Not sure how he got so fast, but he's managing it. He's playing as our #2C and looking halfway decent doing it, which is puzzling and unexpected but welcome.
    Nick Foligno: B - His pattern of alternating between good year and off year continues as expected; I'm increasingly convinced that this is the final legacy of Vinny Prospal's time in Columbus. ;)
    Brandon Dubinsky: B - After a REALLY bad season last year, he's bounced back in what is essentially a reduced role - he's playing on the wing this year. He's adjusted well to the new reality.
    Alexander Wennberg: C+ - He's stopped progressing, and has in fact taken a step back from his previous best season, but he's still a 40+ point playmaking C who's excellent defensively.
    Markus Hannikainen: C+ - Suddenly he's gone from "replaceable 4th liner with at least one big gaff per game" to "reliable scrappy energy guy". No idea how that happened, but we'll take it. :)
    Oliver Bjorkstrand: C - Having some development issues, and has lost track of his scoring while they're being worked on.
    Sonny Milano: D+ - Still showing lots of skill, and equal amounts of inconsistency; he's been sent to Cleveland to try to work it out and has not been doing well there either. Serious concern here.
    Lukas Sedlak: D+ - Same old same old. He's probably a quad-A guy in the end, but he'll do as a warm body for now.
    Riley Nash: D - He's taking a ludicrous amount of time to "get used to the system" and accomplishing shockingly little in the process. Not a total liability but getting there pretty fast.

    Seth Jones: A - Same old badass self, really.
    Ryan Murray: A - This is what a 2nd overall pick should look like. Healthy and making the most of it; doing a fantastic job alongside Jones and on pace for 40+ points.
    Markus Nutivaara: A - All the puck-moving and stick work and mobility goodness we had before, but with suddenly MUCH better defensive awareness and timing. Also on pace for 40+ points (alongside Savard) and looking great doing it.
    David Savard: B - Just being his usual solid hard-hitting self.
    Zach Werenski: B- - He's starting to hit some bumps in the development road, particularly defensively. Still on an excellent scoring pace, but he's playing the rover more and he needs to do more defense. He's young, tho, so he ought to adapt just fine.
    Scott Harrington: C - Looks like the bottom pairing defenseman that he is, which gets him a lot of shade because we're spoiled over here. Has done okay playing on his off-hand side.
    Dean Kukan: D+ - Sometimes he looks really good. Other times, he's got moments where he reminds you why he hasn't stuck at the NHL level yet. Unfortunately right now the latter is winning out, but there's still hope.

    Sergei Bobrovsky: B - Had an atrocious early start to the season - maybe the contract thing was wearing on him a little - but he's bounced back and now looks like his usual badass self.
    Joonas Korpisalo: C - Still has a tendency to make truly amazing saves one moment and let in incredibly soft ones the next. If ever he learns consistency, watch out. Still has a winning record because the team was inexplicably going into offensive beastmode with him in the net (they're now doing that with Bob too, tho).
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    Ryan O'Reilly: A+++++++++++

    Everyone else: F
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    New York
    Agree with all this, except would give Namestnikov more a B or B- . He had a rough start, got healthy scratched, came back and was much better, but still like to see more from him.
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  14. :avs

    Nathan MacKinnon - A He is capable of more but can you really complain when he is 3rd in league scoring?
    Mikko Rantanen - A+ The best player on this team and possibly league so far
    Gabriel Landeskog - A A great compliment to Mikko and Nate. Scoring really well this year too
    Alexander Kerfoot - C Putting up points but needs to drive the play more and do more overall
    Tyson Jost - C- Was really bad to start the season but has looked a lot better since coming back from injury
    Colin Wilson C+ He is scoring goals but is the definition of average in everything including hustle
    Carl Soderberg - A- The only guy apart from the 1st line that is effective on every night. Guy is able to do everything in all zones.
    Matt Nieto - D Looked terrible to start the season but slowly improved. Hasn't really improved much though and not sure he deserves to play every night.
    Matt Calvert - D+ He skates fast, I guess. Literally has zero skill.
    Gabriel Bourque - D A poor man's Matt Calvert.
    Sven Andrighetto - C+ Not the best at producing but can create decently.
    Vladislav Kamenev - C+ Really improving every night and showing his defensive talent.
    Sheldon Dries - C A lot better than most people thought he would be and can provide a little bit of offesne. Not sure if he is an every day NHL forward yet.
    Marko Dano - F Literally brings nothing to the table, even less than Gabriel Bourque.
    JT Compher - B Really solid start to the season but has been injured for the most part

    Erik Johnson - C- Needs to be much better, seems to lost his ability to handle the puck
    Tyson Barrie - B+ Really slow start to the season but back to his regular self
    Samuel Girard - A- A little inconsistent but expected for a 2nd year defenseman. Pretty much can do everything.
    Nikita Zadorov - C Very inconsistent
    Ian Cole - B -Everything the Aves expected when they signed him
    Mark Barberio - C He is what he is, a solid #6-7 defenseman
    Patrick Nemeth - D+ He needs to be better

    Semyon Varlamov - A Been great, just hope he can stay healthy
    Philipp Grubauer - C+ Played decently, just want a little more from our future starter
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    Retired NHL’er
    I think Names is still a very good player away from the puck so even during the rough start production wise I think he was playing well. He’s probably the player I’m highest on in comparison to their general perception though lol, I think he has one of the highest hockey IQ’s in the league
  16. Kcb12345 Registered User

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    Dallas Stars:

    (These 3 have been nothing short of outstanding for us)
    John Klingberg - A+
    Miro Heiskanen - A+
    Esa Lindell - A+
    Roman Polak - B+ (he has actually been solid)
    Marc Methot - C+ (can't and won't stay healthy)
    Connor Carrick - C+ (was decent but now is injured)
    Julius Honka - C- (he has not been good and not taken advantage of a consistent roster spot and opportunity)
    Not gonna include the AHL guys yet.

    Jamie Benn - B- (just has not been good enough)
    Alexander Radulov - A+ (easily our best forward)
    Tyler Seguin - B+ (putting up the points but just not consistent enough)
    Jason Spezza - B+ (huge upgrade from last season, he has been good)
    Devin Shore - A (producing at a rate we haven't seen from him before, looks like he could be a 2nd liner)
    Jason Dickinson - B+ (done more than anyone expected from him, including 2 OT game winners)
    Valeri Nichushkin - B (may be a highish rating, but he's been great, the points just aren't coming and he is not gonna be a goal scorer - maybe has a career as a playmaker)
    Mattias Janmark - C- (just not producing at all)
    Blake Comeau - C- (good defensively but nothing offensively at all is ever generated)
    Radek Faksa - C+ (good defensively, but not producing offense - I'll give him a little room though because of his matchups)
    Tyler Pitlick - C (just need more from him offensively)
    Gemel Smith - C+ (been good when he gets in the lineup)
    Brett Ritchie - D (just horrible at just about everything, doesn't belong on this team)

    Goalies: (both have been great)
    Ben Bishop - A
    Anton Khudobin - A
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    Larkin - A+ - Sets the tempo for the entire team, complete workhorse and taking over the vacant leadership role. Pushes us offensively and is the best defensive forward every night. Has taken another step.
    Athanasiou - A - Seems like he cares about the logo on the front of his jersey for the first time in his career. He had a horrible first game of the season, but never looked back - pushed play before his injury but was not producing to the point he could have been. Since returning he's been great, tries on both ends and is just a pure offensive spark plug.
    Jimmy Howard - A - Rough start to the year with 4 rookie D-men in front of him, but now he has a respectable .922 playing in front of a team that isn't very good. He's one of, if not, the biggest factor in this 8-2 record in our last 10. He allowed 5 on 20 shots against Montreal, take out that game and he's a .931 goalie in the other 11 starts.
    Mike Green - A- - Since coming back our team has taken a new trajectory. 9 points in 11 games playing 22 mins a night and not a negative factor in his own end.
    Nyquist - A- - Playmaker, pretty consistent production without a consistent line. He hasn't scored in 3 straight but has 15 points (13A) in 20 games (has points with 8 different 5v5 line combos )
    Dennis Cholowski - A- - Kid has been stellar, calm with the puck on his stick. He's made some gaffes, so he gets a (-) in front of his A, but he's showing he has the makings of a top pair defenseman. No one, not even those of us high on him, saw him being this good this early.

    Tyler Bertuzzi - B+ - Kid hasn't lit the world on fire (20gp, 5G, 6A), but our coach is keeping his consistency inconsistent, check out his ES production:

    I just realized I don't want to do this for everyone. Sorry. Here's what I think of the players that have played the best for the Wings.
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  18. BonMorrison Your resident SJW

    Jun 17, 2011
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    $ 100,000
    Toronto, ON

    Ryan Johansen - A
    Viktor Arvidsson - A
    Filip Forsberg - A
    Kyle Turris - B
    Calle Jarnkrok - B
    Colton Sissons - B-
    Ryan Hartman - B-
    Craig Smith - C+
    Nick Bonino - C
    Kevin Fiala - C-
    Frederick Gaudeau - C-
    Miikka Salomaki - C-
    Rocco Grimaldi - D
    Zac Rinaldo - D
    Austin Watson - N/A

    Mattias Ekholm - A+
    P.K. Subban - A-
    Roman Josi - B+
    Ryan Ellis - B
    Dan Hamhuis - C+
    Yannick Weber - C
    Anthony Bitetto - C-
    Matt Irwin - C-

    Pekka Rinne - A
    Jusse Saros - C+
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
  19. Boud Registered User

    Dec 27, 2011
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    $ 100,000

    Boedker (C) - Duchene (A+) - Batherson (A+)
    Tkachuk (A+) - Tierney (B) - Stone (A+)
    Dzingel (B) - White (B) - Ryan (C)
    Paajarvi (D-) - Smith (C+) - Pyatt (F)

    Chabot (A+) - Demelo (B)
    Lajoie (B+) - Ceci (C-)
    Borowiecki (C-) - Jaros (B-)
    Wideman (C-)
    Harpur (D)

    Anderson (B+)
    Condon (F)
  20. Leonardo87 NY Rangers and Anaheim Ducks fan, and Pizza fan. Sponsor

    Dec 8, 2013
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    $ 100,000
    New York
    Since the team has been winning I noticed he has played better or has been more engaged and seems more motivated
    . I think he was shell shocked when he came here after being on a contending team like Tampa.
  21. Rich Nixon As Wasted as Giroux's Career

    Jul 11, 2006
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    $ 100,000
    big crook
    Key Biscayne
    Overall: D+

    Giroux: B
    Couturier: C+
    Konecny: B+
    Linblom: A-
    Patrick: B
    Voracek: B-
    Simmonds: C
    Laughton: A-
    Weal: D+
    JVR: N/A (he's played like 4 games)
    Lehtera: D+
    Raffl N/A (not enough games)
    Weise: C-

    Provorov: C-
    Gostisbehere: B-
    Gudas: C+
    Sanheim: B
    Folin: D-
    MacDonald: F
    Hagg: B

    Elliott: F
    Neuvirth: N/A (not enough games)
    Pickard: D

    Coaching: F
    Special teams: F
    Management: D+
  22. CanadianPensFan1 Registered User

    Jun 13, 2014
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    $ 100,000
    Too lazy too get a logo here but
    Pittsburgh Penguins.

    Also too lazy to net search the largest thumbs down I could find. That really sums it up quite simply.
  23. Ainec ainec#5294 #1 Bergevin simp

    Jun 20, 2009
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    $ 100,000
    elias pettersson : dropped out and franchised his own business (#1 hot dog chain > Costco)

    derrick pouliot : parent teacher meeting, held back a year

    bo horvat : valedictorian

    brock boeser: TBD suspended and got mrs. lindsay fired
  24. TontoKowalski Registered User

    Nov 5, 2018
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    $ 100,000
    This is fairly accurate except Markstrom who is a "D" IMO.
  25. terrorinthebang We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

    Feb 3, 2006
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    $ 100,000
    City of Angels
    Have fun with your f***ing report cards.

    - Kings fans


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