Qualifying offers expiring on August 15th/Group V August 5th..

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    What rights do teams have to keep players they have qualifed after these rights automatically expire on August 15th. Not too much written on this as most teams have given qualifiers to all their players.

    In the past group V players hit the market later if they declared to accept group V free agency by the deadline which in this case in August 5th. What date can other teams sign them.

    Any information with links would be helpful..

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    Once an RFA player is tendered a Qualifying Offer, his original team retains his rights, subject to the RFA rules (right to match or compensation). The 8/15 date is just the deadline for the player to accept the QO . The player can choose to accept the QO, choose arbitration, sign an offer sheet with another team, or continue to negotiate with his current team untill the 12/1 deadline. After that date, he will be ineligible to play in the NHL this season.

    This seems to be slightly different than from the Old CBA where QOs were valid for at least a month - QOs were due by 6/30 and could be withdrawn by the team no earlier than 8/1. The teams maintained their RFA rights even after the QO was withdrawn. It looks like under the new CBA, all QOs expire 8/15, rather than be a team by team decision.

    In the past, Group V UFAs had to make their election on or before July 15 and immediately became UFAs, so I would assume that once their elections are filed with the league, another team could sign them immediately.
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