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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by VINMONTY, Jan 10, 2006.

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    I have put together a scouting list and need some help on these players that I have been unable to find more info on. This list includes their name/ team/ league/ DOB/ draft year/ position. So if anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it. Also if you have any more info to add about the player would be great too.

    Andre Pettersson Sweden 2008
    Andrej Kuchin Slovakia
    Andrew Langan Midget
    Anton Lander Sweden
    Anton Myllari Sweden
    Brandon Street Midget 2007
    Carter Tracey 2007 10/11/1988 RW
    Christopher Knowlton 2006 F
    Colin Long F
    Colton Tuebert 2008
    Dale Hunt
    Daniel Minor 2007 1/30/1989 LW
    Darcy Morrison 2007 10/20/1987 F
    Donnie Grant 2007 1/26/1987 F
    Dustin Goreham 2007 8/16/1988 F
    Eddie Olczyk
    Gordie Wudrick
    Jeff McNeil 2007 2/13/1988 D
    Jeremy Burgess Midget 2007 3/19/1988 RW
    Jeremy Deutsche 2006 D
    Jessie Messier 2007 3/5/1988 RW
    Joey Harren 2007 10/12/1988 LW
    Jordan Rowley
    Jordan Trach
    Josh Moir 2007 6/19/1987 F
    Josh Wood 2007 3/1/1987 F
    Justin Barbour Midget 2007 2/1/1988 W
    Karl Durocher Midget 2007
    Kyle Bennett 2007 9/5/1987 F
    Luke MacDonald 2007 6/4/1987 F
    Magnus Paajarvi Sweden
    Matt Delzotto
    Mikael Granlund Finnish
    Mitch Wahl
    Patrick Alber 2006 D
    Paul Lee 2006 F
    PM Pinard-Devos Midget 2007
    Ryan Sparling 2007 5/7/1988 C
    Shawn MacAulay 2007 4/8/1988 G
    Travis King 2007 9/5/1987 F
    Travis Randell 2007 1/1/1991
    Travis Turner 2007 6/17/1988 LW
    William Wallen Sweden
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