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  1. I dont see why the owners want to lower the UFA age. If they really are trying to save the league wouldnt they want it raised so that the riduclous bidding wars they have on certain players dont happen.

    Instead of trying to put in a cap could they not try and make some changes to UFA that would reduce the number of players getting riduclous UFA offers from the owners. Players go from making like 3 mil a season to 10 when they hit 31 so maybe they could eliminate it or change it to a limited free agency where if a team signs a player for more than X dollars over his last salary they have to pay a fee. Sort of like a mini luxury tax on each salary. The fees collected from signing players can be destributed amongst the Bottom feeders of the league so they may use these fees to try and sign UFA's of their own.

    it could get kind of complicated but since the NHLPA has agreed to a luxury tax system i think they could agree to it. This gives the owners a measure of control over costs and puts it up to the owners to police themsleves with their over-spending.

    I don't know what you guys think but im so bored with no hockey i just want it back :cry:
  2. I read the NHL's counter offer.

    They made a HUGE offer by lowing the UFA age limit to "30" years old.

    Gary and the NHL owners are a joke.
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    It's only 1 year.The players would demand a lower age for unrestricted free agency or use service time such 8 years in exchange for accepting a cost linked system
  4. They should implement a system that allows for a greater number of Unrestricted Free agents, whatever the age may be to creat a better supply and demand ratio. The current system allows for very few Unrestricted free agents each summer, allowing the NHLPA and the desperate owners via their GMs to escalate the player's worth. If their are more free agents out there, than teams don't have to offer ridiculous amounts to fill needs. If Player A won't take what you offer, then you have option B-Z available.
    The other part of the system that causes wild inflation is the restricted Free agent system, where teams need to qualify players at a 10% raise.

    To summarize: Lower the UFA requirement age; fix the qualifying system; get more free agents available to balance the supply and demand to be more favourable for the clubs.
  5. On another note, I wouldn't at all be against the idea of complete Unrestricted Free agency for players after the expiration of their entry level contract. They must sign a contract that is 5 years in length though in exchange for being able to choose their work location at such a young age.
  6. The age limit should be around 27.
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