Power rankings as of Feb. 18th

Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by shawn_kemp*, Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. shawn_kemp*

    shawn_kemp* Guest

    Post you power rankings after February 18th games. With or without comments.

    Mine :

    1. Slovakia : fastest team in the tournament, has beaten two big opponents. Only weak spot, the goaltending, but no mistakes so far.

    2. Finland : a close second. I believe Finland is better than Slovakia thanks to its defense. A win against Canada makes Finland the heavy favorite to win the gold.

    3. Russia : a big turnaround on defense and especially goaltending makes Russia a serious contender. The last "superleague stlye" game isn't very conclusive.

    4. Canada : look out for Canada to rebound tomorrow after one of the biggest upsets in the history of the game.

    5. Sweden : the return of Peter Forsberg is a huge boost. Sweden has a lot to prove tomorrow against the USA.

    6. USA : very strong game against Slovakia, but like for Sweden, the next couple of games will be decisive.

    7. Czech Republic : bad, very bad.

    8. Switzerland : Aebischer + Gerber = Olympic Gods.
  2. misterchainsaw

    misterchainsaw Garbo is coming

    Nov 3, 2005
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    Rochester, NY
    1. Finland
    2. Slovakia
    3. Russia
    4. Canada
    5. Sweden
    6. Czech Rep.
    7. USA
    8. The Swiss
  3. Caz

    Caz Hedonist

    Feb 16, 2006
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    Brussels, Belgium
    Put this in yesterday's power rank thread already,
    but here's the St Rank of 180206 and a gif with
    the details:

    1. SVK
    2. FIN
    3. SWE
    4. RUS
    5. CAN
    6. USA
    7. SUI
    8. CZE
    9. GER
    10. LAT
    11. ITA
    12. KAZ

    EDIT: Ruuhka notified of a couple of errors, corrected now.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2006
  4. Firsov99

    Firsov99 Registered User

    Feb 17, 2006
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    Here are mine:

    1. Slovakia: the Slovaks have beaten two Big7 opponents already. Transition game is simply superb. Budaj has been solid in the net, but he looks a little shaky when he plays the puck behind the goal.

    2. Finland: Beat a talented Czech team. The Finns seem to have the most balanced team: good goaltending, good D, and potent offense.

    3. Russia: Nabokov has been great. D has played better than it was supposed to. Russia should find its scoring touch before the playoffs.

    4. Canada: The loss might do them more good than bad, actually. The Finns will play a very angry Canadian team tomorrow.

    5. Sweden: they are happy that Forsberg is back. The tomorrow's game against the US should truly reveal how much Forsberg means to this Swedish team.

    6. Switzerland: Wow! I don't have any words to describe what they have achieved. "Gerber & Aebischer" is a heck of a one-two punch. It will be interesting to see whether they can upset another Big 7 team in the quarterfinals.

    7. Czech Republic: despite the two losses, they Czechs will still play in the quarterfinals. They have two games to finally tune in and find the rhythm. They should pray that Jagr stays healthy after that vicious hit from Ruutu. They simply can't afford to lose another star.

    8. USA: they played very well against the Slovaks. D and goaltending are solid: it's an achievement to keep the eletrifying Slovaks to just two goals, but the offense seems to lack the needed creativity and killer instinct to finish off those scoring chances.

    9. Latvia: They obvioulsy didn't play their best game against the Swedes. They rested Irbe to get him ready for the "game of the year" against team Russia.

    10. Germany: very disappointing tie with Italy. After Switzerland amazing victories over favorites, Germany can forget about the quarterfinals.

    11. Italy: had an amazing chance to upset Germany, but allowed a late goal. Congrats on the first point though.

    12. Kazakhstan: Nice effort against the Russians. Yeremeyev had an awesome game. Offense has been non-existant.
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