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Discussion in 'Carolina Hurricanes' started by Boom Boom Apathy, Feb 7, 2018.


Thoughts on Ron Francis

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  2. Unsure - give him 1 more year with Dundon as owner

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  1. Azor Aho

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    While he didn't play and produce as a 1C for us, I agree that Weight was easily a 1C caliber player at the time. He was great for a trash Blues team that year. He certainly took some time to adjust to playing for us, and he was mostly used as the 3rd line center, but he was absolutely a 1C caliber player that we didn't need to be that due to incredible depth.
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    The whole Darling argument is interesting. He likely doesn't sign without the money we paid him and would almost certainly have gotten it somewhere else....or close to it. In hindsight, not "trying before buying" now looks silly, but those risks are taken often.

    I don't get the criticism of the Rask signing. He was coming off of a 48 point season and looked to be poised to be a 45-55 point high end 2C. He falls back to earth a bit with a 45 point season. Sure he's having a significant down year, but that happens. I'm not defending Victor in particular, but 40 point centermen get paid $4 million and more in this league (look at Johansson, Anisimov, C. Smith, Bonino, and Perreault for example).

    If Lindy puts up another 40+ season, I'd be fine w/a Rask type of deal for him. I suspect his camp would push of a bridge or a bridge +1 deal for a little more ($4.25 million per year). Hanifin still remains more potential than actual performance. As much as it is a gamble I'd offer him a 2 or 3 year bridge deal of not more than $3.25 or $3.5 million per year. While I might be willing to sign TVR to a 2 or 3 year deal, I'm not as concerned about that as McKeown has looked very good in Charlotte this year. Frankly, he can probably go somewhere and get $2 million to $2.5 million somewhere, but I'm not sure we have to be the guys paying that. If he's willing to sign for $1.5 or $1.75 million then I'd consider that deal.
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