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Discussion in 'Geek Emporium' started by parabola, Mar 6, 2011.

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    Okay guys here's what's happening. To make this board really awesome and amazing to post in, and to better keep up with the rules of the board there has to be some rules set in place (that already really are in place, but people seem to need a refresher). I've been fairly lenient before, but I'm not in the future.

    1) You can not attack posters. This means you can not under any circumstances flame people with image macros or anything that directly insults a poster. Currently there are a lot of people attacking eachother for being "fanboys" of certain companies. Personally I hate the whole idea of being a fanboy and I don't think it exists - at least not in the sense some people think it does.

    That said, you can debate an opinion if it relates to the thread you're posting in. But try to do it in an intelligent way or at least in a way that isn't "lol x sucks" which is fairly common it seems. Saying you think "x is good because it has more RAM or more than y" is fine. Basically you should be able to intelligently back up your opinion.

    2) Keep in mind the thread your posting in. Android threads are there mostly for posters who like Android, Apple threads are there for people who like Apple etc... Be friendly, debate intelligently and don't troll. People are extremely passionate on this board which is awesome but we need to tone it down.

    I don't want to make a debate thread for every company debate we have, that would be stupid.

    3) READ THIS:

    Those all apply here.

    Anyone breaking these golden rules will hear about it.

    But for the most part I <3 you all. GL/HF.
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