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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by The Camera Eye, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. The Camera Eye

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    I didnt know where to post this as im not allowed to post in the lounge, but here goes:

    I've been in love with the game of hockey my entire life and it's been my dream to make the NHL since I've been a kid. Anyways, I started playing in a league at a later age (13) and was never able to reach travel hockey. Im currently 16 and I know its impossible to make the NHL, but I am interested in moving into a European country to play the game. Living in Canada, we dont hear much from other hockey leagues and I had a few questions for those who know about the leagues. I was just wondering how exacly do players get in the leagues? Do they get drafted or do they sign as free agents (keeping in mind there isnt a particular league I want to join...just one so I could play hockey)? And finally, is it remotely possible to make a European league if I still play house league at this age (keep in mind I am the best goaltender in the league)?

    All replies will be appreciated. :)
  2. McDonald19

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    My best advice would be to go play college hockey and get an education and then see what happens.

    I see some Decent NCAA players go over to places like Italy and Austria to start their pro careers.
  3. Zine

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  4. You're only 16. Although it is nice to have a goal to play in Europe, your main concern right now should be to try to make a junior hockey team here in Canada. From there, anything is possible, and there are some players who finish their junior careers when they're 20 and attract attention from NCAA (if you don't play Major Junior), European and/or North American minor pro scouts.

    Unfortunately, if all you've played is house hockey, then your chances of making a high calibre junior team aren't great, and pretty well all Canadians playing in Europe were at least Jr.B all-stars, and a lot of Canadians in the better European leagues (GER, SUI, FIN, SWE) were professionals in North America before making the journey overseas. I know people involved in the Dutch pro league, which is very low calibre, even for European leagues, and the Jr.B all-star status is pretty well their minimum criteria for bringing players over.

    I suggest finding a Jr.B team with open tryouts and go from there.

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