GWT: PL FINALE - Matchweek 38

Discussion in 'Soccer' started by Savant, May 7, 2019.

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    In the old 2 pts for a win system, city would have had 66 pts this season while Liverpool would have had 67 pts.

    Personally I think that a team who only loses 1 league game ala season (Liverpool) is more impressive than a team who has been beaten by 4 teams across the same season (City)
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    The top 6 is pretty damn strong right now. 4 of them made the CL and EL finals and two of them will be champions.

    Being real is recognizing that the only reason that these teams are viewed that way is because of the strength at the top. If you didn't have City and Liverpool putting up near 100 point seasons here (and 2 seasons back to back for City) the rest of the teams would actually look okay. If we're being real that Spurs squad is still full of very talented players and a great coach.

    This feels like revisionist history. Would we be talking about Barcelona had they closed the deal against Liverpool? I just don't buy this argument that all of a sudden every other league (which by the way, I didn't hear much talk of this going into the season) is in a weak phase and that's why all of a sudden English teams are being successful.

    It's not really the only way to judge. You can watch them play and you can certainly look at their records. You can also look at the fact that, for the most part, every sport progresses if you look 10 years ahead, and 20 years it's even more, and so on. The general level of play, training, tactics, health and nutrition not to mention doctor prescribed...diets, are all at a higher level and will continue to grow (with diminishing gains, as things peak etc.). Also keep in mind that Liverpool of last season only became that Liverpool after Coutinho was sold and van Dijk came in, which means he didn't get a preseason with them, etc.

    Liverpool were playing Roma off the pitch and Roma only really came into it when Liverpool were being complacent. On top of which again, that was a team that were not playing the same or together the entire season.

    Because small sample sizes happen? Why did that same City outplay an even better version of Liverpool this season, without their best player? Looking at small sample sizes is a terrible way to judge a team. Also this year's Liverpool certainly does have a very legitimate claim at being that, if City is the best team ever. Nostalgia will never allow for it though.

    Anyway I am not going to tell anyone who they should think is the best. People are more than welcome to be swayed by romanticism, but taking a step back to look at it logically will usually suggest that when you have a sport that is constantly evolving (and I don't just mean on the pitch) each generation should be better than the previous one. When you measure it in a relative sense you can look at just how impressive City, and to a lesser extent Liverpool, have been over the last two seasons (season and a half for Liverpool).
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