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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Default101, Dec 10, 2006.

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    The Phoenix Coyotes have had a new GM for the past 6 weeks, one thing that seems intresting is there hasn't been much movement among prospects. However it appears that almost every name on the list has been coming up, witht he most available prospects being Genovy, Voakes, Ferrario, Hanson, But, Kemppainen, Balan, Gracik, Cereda, Prokop, Fried, Ulehla, Wellar, Schneider and Hruska but Phoenix GM says that anyone can be had, Kessel would be the most difficult to aquire and would require a fellow potential franchise player, also Al Montoya would require a future Starting goaltender for his services to be aquired. All the prospects are listed below and anyone could potentally be had as Phoenix looks to bring in their own crop of prospects to the organization.

    Phil Kessel
    Blair Jones
    Carsen Germyn
    Stephen Dixon
    Mathieu Aubin
    Jakub Koreis
    Peter Olvecky
    Patrick Davis
    Wacey Rabbit
    Lee Falardeau
    Jeff Genovy
    Jiri Tlusty
    Dan Collins
    Craig Voakes
    Raymond Sawada
    Ben Ferriero
    Christian Hanson
    Sergei Anshakov
    Anton But
    Joonas Kemppainen
    Stanislav Balan
    Juraj Gracik
    Luca Cereda
    Juraj Prokop
    Rob Fried
    Marek Ulehla

    Shane O'Brien
    Logan Stephenson
    Patrick Wellar
    Ivan Vishnevskiy
    Theo Peckham
    Jakub Vojta
    Jamie McBain
    Andy Schnieder
    Radim Hruska

    Al Montoya
    Ryan Munce
    Reto Berra
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