Phoenix Coyotes 2001 and 2002 Draft Review

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    With the drafts 5 and 6 years in the past, and in the spirit of the recent HFNHL and NHL drafts, here's a look back to what The Coyotes did back in 2001 and 2002, and where they are now..

    2001 Entry Draft
    Draft Picks: 3

    1st Round - 23rd Overall - Roman Cechmanek
    Analisis: Cechmanek went on to have 3 solid seasons in the HFNHL before going back to Russia never to be seen again in the HFNHL
    NHL Games Played: 209
    Where is he now?: Cechmanek split last season between the SEL and the Czech extraleague, his rights are not owned by any HFNHL team and it is expected that he has played his last game in North America.
    Result: Moderate Success (7/10)

    2nd Round - 60th Overall - Alexander Kharitonov
    Analisis: Alexander's appaerance in the HFNHL was quick and short, he spent only 2 seasons in the HFNHL before going back overseas to Russia, he played decent but never performed as anything more than a 3rd line player during his short HFNHL career.
    NHL Games Played: 71
    Where is he now?: Kharitonov has played the last 4 seasons playing for Moscow Dynamo in the Russian Super League. He is not expected to ever return to North America.
    Result: Small Contribution (3/10)

    3rd Round - 91st Overall - Darren McLachlan
    Analisis: McLachlan was an intimidating enforcer turned power forward in the WHL only racked up 19 points in his draft year, however turned out 60 points in his overage season showing his potential, however that was short lived. He spent only 11 games in the AHL before spending the rest of his career in the UHL/ECHL never putting up more than 10 points in a season.
    NHL Games Played: 0
    Where is he now?: McLachlan retired from legitimate competitive hockey in 2005 after being released by the ECHL's Idaho Steelheads late in 2004.
    Result: Bust (1/10)

    2001 Draft Grade: D- (3.6/10)

    2002 Entry Draft
    Draft Picks: 11

    The Phoenix Coyotes stacked up draft picks for the 2002 entry draft, with 2 first round picks, this draft turned out to be a disaster in the future for the Coyotes, and play a big part in their nosedive to the basement of the league today.

    1st Round - 17th Overall - Martin Vagner
    Analsis: Vagner a big defenceman who had a great rookie season in the QMJHL was drafted suprisingly in the first round by Phoenix, however his contributions quickly dropped and was shopped around the QMJHL the following 3 seasons before returning to the Czech Republic at the end of his Junior Career.
    NHL Games Played: 0
    Where is he now?: Vagner has spent the last 2 seasons in the Czech Extraleague and has yet to record a point in either season since returning, he is unlikely to ever come back to North America. His rights are not held by any HFNHL team.
    Result: Bust (1/10)

    1st Round - 23rd Overall - Sergei Anshakov
    Analisis: With their second pick in the 1st round Phoenix returned yet again to overseas and went with Russian forward Sergei Anshakov. Anshakov has been playing at the highest level in Russia since he was 19, however that may have in part hindered his development.
    NHL Games Played: 0
    Where is he now?: Anshakov has never left Russia since being drafted and dispite some rumours it is unlikely for him to ever leave Russia in his career. Phoenix still holds the rights to Anshakov.
    Result: Likely a Bust (2/10)

    2nd Round - 48th Overall - Keith Ballard
    Analisis: Phoenix came up with a huge steal picking Keith Ballard midway through the 2nd round, dropped likely becasue of his size, Ballard has gone on to play great at the U of Minnesota, had a short and successful AHL career, and has been a huge contributor in the NHL in 2 seasons played.
    NHL Games Played: 151
    Where is he now: Keith Ballard had a successful rookie year in the HFNHL for Ville Isopaa's Colorado Avalanche contributing as a top 4 defenceman dispite being in only his first season. He lead the Avalanche in PIM (179) and was second in team rookie scoring behind only Sidney Crosby.
    Result: Huge Success (10/10)

    4th Round - 108th Overall - Tyson Kellerman
    Analisis: Kellerman played for a weak OHL team, but the Coyotes liked his potential in the 4th round. Kellerman however followed up his draft year with a 3-29-2 Record and never really found his game.
    NHL Games Played: 0
    Where is he now: Kellerman never played pro, and retired from legitimate competitive hockey in 2005 after one season in the CIS with St. Francis Xavier.
    Result: Bust (1/10)

    4th Round - 110th Overall - Lee Falardeau
    Analisis: It looked like Phoenix landed another steal when Falardeau went early in the 2nd round of the NHL Draft, however Falardeau has fallen off the radar since, after 3 moderately successful seasons at Michigan State, he has been back and forth between the AHL and ECHL trying to get a shot at the NHL.
    NHL Games Played: 0
    Where is he now?: Falardeau split time between Hartford of the AHL and Charlotte of the ECHL last season. He still has a chance to play in the NHL but he is considered now a long shot.
    Result: Small amount of Potential still remains (3/10)

    4th Round - 113rd Overall - Jeff Genovy
    Analisis: With their 3rd pick in the 4th round they stick with the North Americans and go with Genovy, who played all 4 eligibility years at Clarkson University however never signed a pro contract.
    NHL Games Played: 0
    Where is he now?: Genovy spent last year in the Central Hockey League with the Laredo Bucks posting 18 points in 27 games.
    Result: Likely a bust: (2/10)

    5th Round - 144th Overall - Vince Bellissimo
    Analisis: Bellissimo had 3 very successful seasons at Western Michigan and was the leading scorer 2 of the 3 seasons he spent there. With alot of expectations and putting together a "steal" label, played solid in his first short season in the AHL however a slow start in 05-06 saw him demoted to the ECHL and he has never returned to any level higher than that, however he has been very successful at that level.
    NHL Games Played: 0
    Where is he now?: Bellissimo spent last year with the Florida Everblades and lead the team in scoring with 72 points. Vince Bellissimo is currently under contract with the Carolina Hurricanes of the HFNHL.
    Result: Jury is still out: (4/10)

    6th Round - 177th Overall - Patrick Wellar
    Analisis: Physical Defenceman never really produced offensively but was solid at the back end. Wellar has bounced back and forth from the AHL and ECHL for the last 3 seasons.
    NHL Games Played: 0
    WHere is he now?: Wellar split last year between the Peoria Rivermen of the AHL and Alaska Aces of the ECHL. Still has an outside chance to make the NHL. Phoenix still owns his rights.
    Result: Small amount of potential remains (3/10)

    7th Round - 200th Overall - Dimitri Korneev
    Analisis: Korneev played one professional game in the Russian Super League in 2004, he posted 14 penalty minutes in that single game.
    NHL Games Played: 0
    Where is he now?: Korneev lost his junior eligibility in 2004 and could not make any of the pro leagues in europe, he has retired from legitimate competitive play.
    Result: Bust (1/10)

    7th Round - 210th Overall - Janne Jalasvaara
    Analisis: Has been playing in the FNL since he was 19, however never really produced much dispite being under 6ft. never left that league, and has been playing in it for 5 years.
    NHL Games Played: 0
    Where is he now? Jalasvaara spent last year in KalPa Kuopio of the FNL and had a career year putting up 8 points. Jalasvaara's rights are not owned by any team.
    Result: Bust (1/10)

    9th Round - 275th Overall - Ryan Card
    Analisis: Card went on to have a fairly successful OHL career, however never got a pro contract. Card played in the 2004 Memorial Cup.
    NHL Games Played: 0
    Where is he now?: Card has retired from legitimate competitive hockey in 2006 after spending one season with St. Thomas University in the CIS.
    Result: Bust (2/10)

    2002 Draft Grade: F (30/110)
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    Great idea Ryan! I have to make my own review when I get back home from the vacation and have some more time online again. Here's some info on what happened to the players you picked.

    Here's the trade of Cechmanek in the season of 2001-02. I was looking for a starter and to cut my salaries. Phoenix also had Khabibulin on a 1,1m contract, so they had the option to move a starter. Also, at the time Cechmanek seemed to be able to play out his career in the NHL. A year later I had traded Cechmanek and Brodeur was my starter..

    To PHX:
    Mike Vernon (72OV, 2,9m/1y)
    Chris Phillips (74OV, 1,2m/3y)
    Glen Wesley (72OV, 2,6m/2y)
    2002 WAS 1st (23rd OV, Sergei Anshakov)

    To COL:
    Roman Cechmanek (79OV, 1m/3y contract)
    Juha Ylonen (65OV, 73DF, 500k/2y contract)
    Jim Waite

    Keith was traded to Colorado while still on the prospect list, early in his NHL rookie season (in november), when PHX had problems meeting the OV requirements and also had a very limited budget to operate with. At the time of the trade Ballard hadn't put up the numbers he did later in that season and getting above the OV limit without adding salary seemed to be the main concern for PHX.

    TO PHX:
    Dean McAmmond
    Phillippe Sauve

    TO COL:
    Keith Ballard
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    I'd do the same for 2001 and 2002, except my predecessor didn't make a single draft pick either season. He dealt away all his top picks and didn't show up or submit a list for the rest of them. Perhaps that's why the only prospect I inherited that eventually played in the NHL was Ryan Barnes I believe.

    Thankfully I had the team by 2003 and picked up Eric Staal, Anthony Stewart, Patrick Eaves and Brooks Laich in the first two rounds. Although it was between Stewart, Jeff Carter and Brent Seabrook for that late first round pick. I guess I made the wrong choice there.
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    Personally i think the 2002 and 2003 draft is what absolutely killed this team, they didn't draft anyone in the first round of the 2003 draft which is going to likely be the biggest draft of this generation, and their first pick was in the 2nd round and they took Ryan Munce. Their only really solid pick from 2002 was moved, in what was.. imo a horrible trade, i made a bad trade to fix my OV when i got here, but the last player i'd move is a rookie having a successful season as a 23 year old when my team is in ruins.. but i guess thats why i'm even here lol. Thanks for the information Ville, that is raelly insightful on how this team got built.

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