Philosophy of hockey sabermetrics: Can hockey accurately be measured?

I find a problem with basically all studies here (including my own) in that they require a lot of work and time. There are usually many hours of...
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    The premise of presenting dozens of people affecting the outcome of a hockey game or even 12 of the players on ice as numbers is mostly amusing.

    A single human being is complicated enough. 12 of them? I don't usually do this but seriously - lol :)

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    No because you can't accurately measure injuries, etc.

    That's why when people said ]" see analytics were right." When the Leafs missed the playoffs in Bernier first season I laughed because I knew that if he didn't go down we wouldn't have missed the playoffs because as much of a disgrace a Bernier is now, he wasn't when he first got here, there was a time when he was good.
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    Hey guys I'm new to the number stuff and just wanted to say hi!
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    When I presented my 20+ base hockey theories largely in 05/06 & 06/07 they were built on Boolean Multivariable philosophy.
    I rejected the binary linear academic world when I was 14.

    My father one of the leading minds in space industry was a lead designer or the designer or lead comisioner:
    Avro Arrow,
    Apollo lunar lander and service module,
    retrofit Hawk missle,
    creation of Landsat/seasat sattelites and tracking program,
    Motorola home satellite dish,
    Exocet missle
    Nuclear powered rocket (deep space travel ) design/testing Jackass flats Nevada,
    Maglev Bullit train ( commissioning)

    All the great minds I was subjected too were multivariable thinkers.
    They did not exclude any influences to mechanism of space travel.

    The principle that lead me to reject the academic scientific and mathematic community.
    Binary linear analysis cannot properly/ accurately analyze sports like Hockey.

    My approach was traditional robotising of mechanism of play by looking at Sequence of Events (SOE) mapping all possible outcome s from mechanical action.
    Looking for the best and worst for the GF-GA win mechanism.

    I see a lot of my theories poorly presented years later by binary linear analysts on blogs and @ MIT Sloan sport institute.

    A lot post 2010 4-8 years after I first presented them.
    Being Boolean generated theories.
    These individuals did not have the mental ability/philosophy to have been the creators of these theories.

    While I have been on long term disability for bone marrow cancer.
    I have tried to advise all outlets of the need to credit me for all these theories.
    I have had a great 2 weeks.
    The leading minds in linear binary human machine action theories have rejected there Corner stone theories.

    They are now taking my Boolean multivariable aproach 40 years after I rejected linesr binary process.
    10 years after I first developed hockey analytic theories in the only way possible.
    Boolean multivariable.

    The best in the academic world agree with me that Boolean Multivariable is the only way.

    There is no magic single number.

    To start with. I constantly had to correct sites likenCorsica ......
    Cause they wanted to present in a offensive affect way. GF.

    First thing identified.
    Who wins?
    Top,5 GA teams can win with a cup with bottom 25-30 GF
    Top 5 GF teams need top 15 GA to win a cup.
    Ga teams advance toon playoffs 20-40% more than GF teams.

    All my theories were presented in the critical goal diff mechanism.
    Mostly GA.

    I presented my cup core roster theory 8 years ago.
    The GA portion of cup core theory is
    1. HD sys coach
    2. Top 10 HD goalie
    3. 3/4+ top 60 HD dmen.
    4 elite players make you GA conf/cup finalist
    5-25 years ago.
    5 elite players make you GA conf/cup finalists
    Last 4 years.

    going back to 1996 Florida Panthers.
    1. d. maclean
    2. JVB ( origional Table Hockey Goalie movement (puck tracking phase 1))
    3. 3+ HD dmen
    Rhett Warrener
    Ed jovanovski

    VGK was 100% copy of my Boolean multivariable Cup Core Theory.
    All the theories you see
    Home plate,
    player situation usage baseline averages and performance ranges 3d matrix.
    3 axis ( multi variables ) are needed.
    Not Rob vollmans 2 axis (binary) inaccurate copy.
    Require multivariable.

    All you Academc Linear binary copiers of my work
    Please stop your poor binary aproach to my work.
    They need all the variables to be true.

    Alberta Coal Power Plant conversion multivariable Data collector/ verifier and Scientific/Financial modeling analyst/advisor.
    Originator of Boolean multivariable human sports action analytics.

    My wife an award winning (sportspage) editor/writer for sun/ Postmedia the last 14 years allways referred to my 10 pm to 2-3 am Hockey analytics as my rainman/ Beautifulmind seccions.

    My initial work was taking up to 1,000,000 pieces of data and SOE mapping of multivariable results and graphing in 3-10d matricies and arrays in my head. Beautiful mind portions.

    Then converting them to paper, photographable white board, or Excel/Access data columns in the Ben Affleck “Accountant” Conference room scene sort of way.

    Thier is no such thing as binary human action anslytics.
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