Peter Stastny after Quebec years

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by begbeee, Jan 26, 2011.

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    When we are talking about Peter Stastny career we are mostly arguing by his Quebec years and in lesser extent by his pre-NHL achievments during late seventies.
    We all know all that stuff - Golden Stick, olympic games, Canada Cup, 2nd best scorer after Gretzky etc...
    But his career didnt end in 1990, he played third of his NHL career after this point what is quite significant amount (not so much by numbers, but 5 seasons are still 5 seasons):

    He was still a PPG player until his very last day in Quebec and after his trade his production drop a little. What was his role in Devils? Why they wanted him? In that time Devils were not a trap powerhouse and they were a solid 2nd tier playoff team.
    Did he play 1st or 2nd line center? Was he considered still as a elite center? What about his defensive play?
    Blues times? Statistically it seems that he was still a good player but he didnt play much of that season. What was his role in Blues?

    Discuss. Thank for your replies.
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    Lake Memphremagog, QC.
    Post Quebec

    Basically played for teams with so-so coaching - New Jersey the Schoenfeld, Cunniff, McVie , Brooks seasons. Was allowed to leave as a free agent when Lemaire took over prior to 1993-94. Signed with the Blues as a free agent in March 1994,playing the rest of the season for Bob Berry then a few games the next season for Mike Keenan. Career ended after resumption of play following the strike.

    Drifted from first to third line minutes and responsibilities.

    Never played for an elite coach in the NHL, nor was he ever supported by top d-men. Results are what they are. More a tribute to individual talent then a team approach.

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