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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Brock, Feb 2, 2006.

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    The Florida Panthers announced today that have signed three pending restricted free agents to contract extensions. General Manager Brock Otten made the conference call this afternoon. " We are very pleased to announce the resigning of three important players in our future, Eric Brewer, Fernando Pisani and Kevin Bieksa."

    Eric Brewer is the leader of the Panthers defensive unit and Otten stressed that he did not want to risk losing him. "We gave up a lot to acquire Eric a couple years ago, and with the way he has played for us, there was no way we'd be not interested in keeping him," commented Otten. The details of Brewer's extension are as follows, 3 more years at 2.5 million.

    Fernando Pisani has been a mainstay on the Panthers second line this year, and even though his statistics haven't been overly impressive, Otten claims he is still an important piece. "Fernando is being asked to play a little out of role for us this year, but he works hard for us and we thought he was deserving of a new contract." Pisani's contract breaks down to a 2 year deal worth $900,000.

    Kevin Bieksa is a rookie defenseman who is enjoying an excellent season in the HFAHL. He figures to be a part of the Panthers defense next season. "Kevin is a very promising youngster who will be given every opportunity to grow into a bonafide NHL defenseman with us," said Otten. Bieksa's contract is worth $600,000 over 3 years.

    With these three pieces locked up for another couple years, the foundation is finally being layed for an up and coming Florida franchise.

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