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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Nielson81, Mar 8, 2007.

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    Thursday, March 8th - 9PM Eastern

    Confirmed Guests

    Adam Wodon - College Hockey News

    Who's in the running for the Hobey Baker and how are the playoffs shaping up in the NCAA, C.H.N.'s Adam Wodon will bring you up to date.

    Mike Oke - International Scouting Service

    Mike Oke joins Host Dustin Nielson to talk about the March Draft Rankings from I.S.S. He will also be talking about some standouts from the Canada Winter Games.

    Bill Meltzer - / Freelance Hockey Writer

    Bill Meltzer, a former writer for Hockey's Future, who now does work for the Philly Flyers, and Hockey Buzz will stop by to talk about the future of the Flyers and some 2007 Draft Sleepers.

    Kyle McMahon - Hockey's Future Writer

    Kyle McMahon will makes his HF Radio debut to talk with Host Dustin Nielson about the St. Louis top 20 prospects headlined ofcoursed by 2007 1st Overall Pick Eric Johnson.

    Tentative Guest

    E.J. Maquire - Director of NHL Central Scouting

    We may also speak with E.J Maguire about the hectic schedule of Central Scouting, however if he is too busy and we can't catch up to him...well...that just proves scouts are busy, which is what we plan on talking about. In February the Central Scouting staff watch close to 400 hockey games.
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    It's gonna be interesting to see what Kyle has to say about EJ.

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