Ottawa Senators 2017-2018: A Scouting Report

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    The following is a general outline of the players on your 2016-2017 Ottawa Senators hockey team, or at least the ones that are starting the season on the roster.

    Feel free to make comments, highlight errors, and help make this list as comprehensive a guide as possible. If you disagree with any of this, it's perfectly fine for you to give your own comments and opinions.

    Each player is enclosed in a spoiler tag to make it easier to find the player you are looking for. Just click on the player you want to see to open up the tag to see the scouting report enclosed within.



    • Great shot
    • Great puck-handling skills
    • Underrated playmaking abilties
    • Inconsistent
    • Has been accused of being indifferent in the defensive zone
    • Average one-timer for such a good goal scorer
    General Comments: The most highly paid player on the Senators is being paid a premium for his goal scoring abilities, but his long goal droughts along with his relative ineffectiveness to provide anything else when he isn't scoring is frustrating for fans. However, Bobby is one of the few true offensive gamebreakers on the Senators roster. Can he carry his playoff performance from last season into this season?

    • Top-tier wrist shot
    • Good offensive vision
    • Underrated defensive awareness and decision making
    • Not overly physical, can be pushed off the puck too easily by the opposition
    • Needs time and space to get off a good shot
    • It remains to be seen how he adapts to the new faceoff rules, as he relies quite heavily late last season on winning faceoffs with his feet
    General Comments: While Turris has shown he is quite capable as a first line center in the NHL, there is enough data and evidence that he probably will only be at best a 1A guy instead of top-tier elite #1 center.

    • Good vision in the offensive zone
    • Good slapshot
    • Uncanny ability to pass the puck through the defender to the open man
    • Has a repuation of being a great post-season player
    • Relatively average at the faceoff dot
    • Not particularly good at puck battles down low
    • Inconsistent point production throughout the regular season
    General Comments: He's not Mika Zibanejad, which some Sens fans will hold against him for the rest of his time in Ottawa. That being said, he's perfectly adequate as a 2nd line center, and the team seems to think the underlying advanced stats showed him to be one of the best forwards on the team.

    • Great hands, playmaking skills
    • One of the best players in the league at stealing the puck
    • Elite hockey sense
    • Not particularly quick around the ice
    • Hasn't been great in the post-season throughout his career
    • May be starting to have a history of concussions
    General Comments: Stone is the Senators best overall forward. Whichever line he plays on instantly becomes the first line.

    • Very fast skater
    • Great shot - in all facets, slap, wrist, one-timer
    • Good puckhandling ability
    • Not great at winning puck-battles
    • Inconsistent effort
    General Comments: I'm still not convinced in his hockey sense, both in the defensive zone, and making the right decision in the offensive zone, but Hoffman has shown an ability to dominate offensively, even against top checking lines and top-pairing defensemen. The main thing holding him back is his sometimes lackadaisical effort defensively, which leads to coaches benching him, even when the team needs his offensive ability on the ice.

    • Decent defensively
    • Can be a difference maker physically
    • Decent mid-weight fighter
    • Above average at faceoffs
    • Not great offensively
    • Ridiculously inconsistent (both in production and physical play)
    • Takes a lot of dumb, stupid and lazy penalties
    General Comments: When at the top of his game, Smith can be a great energy line player that dominates with physical play, scoreing big goals and winning defensive zone faceoffs. When he's off his game, he looks like he hardly belongs in the NHL. However, unlike most inconsistent players, this doesn't vary from game to game, but instead for 30 game stretches at a time. Is probably a better LW'er than centre at this point in his career.

    • Quick
    • Wins a surprising number of puck battles along the boards
    • Effective in a shutdown role
    • Has a knack for scoring against the Habs
    • Not particularly big
    • Inconsistent point producer
    General Comments: One of the better playoff performers on the team, Pageau still needs show that he can play an entire regular season at the same level of his play. He has never let his diminutive size prevent him from winning puck battles he should lose, but needs to more consistent from the beginning of the season to the end in offensive production.

    • Quick
    • Reliable defensively
    • Wins a surprising amount of board battles
    • Won't produce many points
    • On the smallish side
    General Comments: One of those guys that the coaches love, as he gives a consistent effort, and is reliable defensively, but he'll never do any more than that, since he can't.

    • Surprisingly physical
    • Reliable defensively
    • Reputation of raising his game in the post-season
    • Above average faceoff abilities
    • Injury-prone
    • Not a great offensive producer
    General Comments: Anaheim fans seem to love this guy as a 4th line energy center is is capable of scoring the odd goal when needed. However, considering he's played less than 82 games in the last two seasons combined, it's probably a fair bet he'll spend at least some of the season on the injury list.

    • Very fast, gets a lot of breakways
    • Ball of energy, always buzzing around the ice
    • Has never had great point production, at any level of hockey
    • Not a good finisher, doesn't bury many of the chances he creates
    • On the smallish size for an NHL bottom six forward
    General Comments: One of those guys that the scouts praise for his speed, skill, vision and ability to always be noticable on the ice. However, even with all the tools, he never seems to produce the points that you would expect from the simple eye test. He's shown enough at both the NHL and AHL level to prove he'll probably have a home on an NHL roster for some time, but if he wants to be a top-6 guy, he'll have to discover a point producing ability he hasn't yet found in his hockey career. Of course, for a 7th round pick, he's already doing quite well for himself.

    • Underrated finishing abilities
    • Reliable defensively
    • Good locker room guy
    • Not a point producer at this point in his career
    General Comments: At this point in his career, he's probably nothing more than a reliable 4th line guy that can stand in front of the net on the PP if he needs to. He's score the occasional clutch goal, but won't be an impact player.

    • Big
    • Soft hands
    • Good offensive vision and playmaking abilties
    • Underrated shot
    • Inconsistent effort
    • Does not take advantage of his size and engage physically
    • Unsettled in the defensive zone
    General Comments: Brown has all the tools and potential to be a great number center in the NHL. However, there is still a lot of development that needs to be done before that becomes a reality. As with more young offensive players, he's great in the offensive zone, but looks lost at times when asked to defend.

    • Very fast
    • Postionally very sound
    • Undersized, needs to put on more weight on beanpole frame
    General Comments: One of the youngest players to ever make an NHL roster out of camp, Formenton still has to do a lot of developing physically to be ready for the NHL grind. However, his play in training camp both offensively and more critically, defensively earned him a spot to start the season.



    • Elite ability to get point shot on net through shot blockers and create scoring chances
    • Great passer, both with breakout passes from his own zone, and cross ice passes in the offensive zone
    • Very good offensive instincts
    • Great at using his stick defensively
    • Extremely quick, both in acceleration and top end speed
    • Sometimes too casual with the puck
    • Sometimes too risky in his decision making
    • Can get outmuscled in front of own net
    • Struggles pivoting to the right, when going backwards
    General Comments: Erik Karlsson doesn't play the defensive position like anyone in the league. Instead of standing opposition forwards up at the blueline, he turns and angles them down the boards with his speed and stick position, then steals the puck. Instead of staying in the shooting lane and blocking the shot, he picks off the pass and goes the other way. Creates offense from the blueline better than anybody in the league. Is the best defenseman in the NHL, and it's not close. The only concern is how he recovers from his offseason foot surgery, as last reports indicate he can't turn to the left yet, which would be a big problem if it continues when he gets back in the lineup.

    • Good skater
    • Good heavy shot
    • Good offensive and defensive awareness
    • Isn't particularly quick as getting his shot off, which leads to it getting blocked a lot
    • Sometimes makes dumb passes in the defensive zone when under pressure
    • Doesn't produce as many points as his offensive tools suggest he could
    General Comments: Was used on the shutdown pairing last season, with mixed success depending on who you ask. Still needs to work on cleaning up his mistakes, which when they happen, are disastrous (he may not make a ton of mistakes, but when he does, they seem to be the kind that end with him picking the puck out of his own net). His tools and skill set suggest there is more offense there than has been created so far in his career, but that could be a product of Ceci being thrown into situations he wasn't really ready for throughout his NHL career.

    • Hard Slapshot
    • Physical presence in his own zone
    • Teammates past and present have praised his leadership in the lockerroom
    • Slow as a rock
    • Sometimes takes stupid penalties by being overly physical
    • Can sometimes be caught punishing the player standing in front of the net, instead of clearing the puck from the slot
    General Comments: While he isn't the world class defenseman he was back in his prime, he has shown he can still be a solid piece in a top-4 defensive core. He just isn't capable of being "the guy" anymore.

    • Underrated shot
    • Sound positionally
    • Makes good decisions
    • Remains to be seen if his skating has recovered from his ankle injury last season
    • Not particularly physical
    General Comments: He's certainly not the skater he was in his prime, but he has shown flashes in the preseason of both being a good skater and not. It remains to be seen if he can still be a serviceable top-4 defenseman in the NHL, like has been penciled in as to start the season.

    • Good offensive defenseman at every level below the NHL
    • Great point shot
    • Makes good decisions with the puck on his stick in the offensive zone
    • Undersized
    • For an offensive defenseman, he hasn't produced many points at the NHl level
    General Comments: He's a solid 6-7 NHL defenseman, but the Sens have a lot of those. The fact that he shoots right will probably help his stay on NHL rosters, but he hasn't shown anything more than that.

    • Great hard point shot
    • Can get scrambly in the defensive zone
    • Sometimes gets caught reaching with his stick and not moving his feet when defending the rush
    General Comments: Claesson confuses me when I try to evaluate him. For 85% of the game, he's a good solid defenseman that doesn't make major mistakes and contributes good plays in the offensive zone to help produce offense. Then for the other 15%, he looks lost and out of his depth in the NHL and makes silly mistakes. One positive: every single time he's paired with Erik Karlsson, both players always look great.

    • A physical menace; hits anything that moves in an opposing sweater
    • Hard worker
    • Seems to bounce back from injury scares that would leave other players out for multiple games, in a shift or two
    • No offensive instincts whatsoever
    • Sucks with the puck on his stick
    • Bad skater
    General Comments: If there's one thing you can't criticize about Boro, it's his work ethic. The guy will be the hardest working player on the ice every single game he's playing. Unfortunately, that's about the only nice thing I can say about him. It actually makes me angry that I still have to write a blurb on this guy.



    • Has shown the ability to steal games.
    • Able to make saves on pucks he has no business getting to
    • Good with the puck on his stick, making breakout passes from behind the net <- Those he can sometimes make stupid decisions while handling the puck
    • Can sometimes overcommit leaving himself open to pass
    • Can be guilty of flopping in his crease at times after the first save
    • Has shown a continued inability to stop wraparound attempts from going into the net
    General Comments: Has all the tools and ability to be a top goaltender in the league, has shown he can win games by himself. Is getting up there in age, which for goalies can be scary, as they seem to drop off a cliff at a moment's notice.

    • Sound fundamentals
    • Has the ability to make big saves
    • Can be a solid backup in that he can go without playing for long stretches of time and not look bad and rusty when put into the net
    • Needs to work on his rebound control
    • Has an tendency to give up the odd bad goal, espeically after making a ton of great saves
    General Comments: Hasn't shown the ability to be more than a solid 1B goaltender. However, as a 1B he's everything you ask for.


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    I fixed your Tommy P write up.

    • Quick
    • Reliable defensively
    • Clutch
    • Stamina on par with Rick Condra
    • Wins a surprising amount of board battles
    • Sauce for days
    • Nips the nips
    • Dreamy eyes
    • The bro in your group that pays for drinks
    • Taylor got the height
    General Comments: One of those guys that the coaches and fans alike love, as he gives a consistent effort, is reliable defensively and is needed to win the cup.

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