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    Does Sport Have Its Finger On The Pulse Of Biometrics?

    To quote:

    "Using biometric scanning from CLEAR, whose systems have mostly only been used in airports, fingerprint purchases will reduce queuing times and therefore, sports fans will miss less of the game buying food and drinks, as this expands to a number of different stadiums.

    In addition to the Seahawks CenturyLink Field stadium, Seattle’s Safeco Field, the home of Sounders FC and Major League Baseball team the Mariners will also be embracing this new development and as the Express reports, if successful, other NFL teams will adopt across the US.

    Noah Garden, MLB’s Executive Vice President of Business, said: “The adoption of mobile ticketing has brought us to this point,” and CLEAR’s Head of Sports and Events Lauren Stangel said: “When experiencing a game, the biggest friction point is getting into the stadium. We truly believe we have an opportunity to use our technology a drive a safer and better experience for fans.”

    “There is another aspect to this too. In an open society, it’s important that citizens are informed about the way personal data is used and held, and under what circumstances it might be passed on to other agencies – and this is no less true of biometric data.”

    It is clear in all respects that knowledge is power and because security will always be a concern, biometric technology should be adopted in a way that serves everyone. “Sports teams need to ensure that they are implementing secure infrastructure, and consider whether someone could gain access to tamper with it. "

    Source: www.forbes.com/sites/madhvimavadiya/2018/10/08/does-sport-have-its-finger-on-the-pulse-of-biometrics/#338074ef3a68

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