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Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by Stevedude530, May 30, 2006.

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    If you've seen OLN's website, broadband channel, and NHL section, it's frickin loaded with stuff you can't get anywhere else. But I want to know, what would be some good ideas to make it even better.

    1. Blog from a player playing in the featured game that week.
    2. Blog from one of the broadcasters. Clement or Emrick would be interesting.
    3. Blog from say, a production assistant or an intern.
    4. Regular columns from the OLN staff. So far, the only one who does anything is Eliot, and all he does are game recaps, which I could do myself. Have Neil Smith do an insider column, or have Jones, Emrick or Clement do a column each week.
    5. NHL On OLN Store.
    6. Message Board. It had one last year but everyone complained too much so it got destroyed.

    Anywho, anythin else?

    And I swear to God, if that guy with the Superman avatar says, at least you get OLN, I may have to cut off his cable/blow up his dish.

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