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Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by Mathletic, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I was watching a pannel on the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and Steve Pagliuca, co-owner of the Celtics, referenced to an article by The Boston Globe. It basically says that if a team doesn't win within 5-8 years from the acquisition of the team by the new owner, your team won't win a championship.


    To be a champion ...
    The secret behind the big-league success of a Robert Kraft or a John Henry isn't just savvy leadership. It's setting out to win. Quickly.

    By Beth Healy
    Globe Staff / March 2, 2008

    In major-league sports, it doesn't take long for owners to show their true colors: They either have what it takes to win - or they don't.

    Boston fans have seen this up close. The Boston Celtics, in their sixth year of new ownership, can smell championship in the air for the first time in two decades. John Henry and Tom Werner took just three years to lead the Red Sox to their first victory in 86 years. Robert Kraft earned his first Super Bowl ring within eight years of buying the New England Patriots.

    The common thread: These success stories have all been written under new owners.


    In professional sports, an owner's commitment to winning right out of the gate counts, according to a Globe compilation and analysis of championships won by the last two rounds of owners for every team in the four major US sports leagues. If new owners don't win a championship within five to eight years of buying a team, depending on the sport, their chances of ever doing so decline dramatically, the Globe found. Many will never win.

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    Well, Illitch held the Wings for 15 years before they won a Cup, though I suppose they did make the conference finals twice within 5 years of him owning the team.

    I think maybe more fittingly you can tell within 5-8 years whether an owner is NOT committed to winning. In Detroit you just have to compare the Wings to the Lions to see the difference.
  3. Sounds like the Boston Globe decided on eight years because it took the Patriots eight years. If it took them ten, they'd say ten.
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    Oh?. Do tell. :baghead::leafs
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    Art Rooney.
    Green Bay.
    Phillies ownership group.


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