Oilers Black Aces For the Play-in/Playoffs

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    The term “Black Ace” was once used negatively. The term originated from Eddie Shore, who would refer to spare players as a “Black Ace.” Shore would say that a team would be in bad shape if they had to use one of their Black Aces in a game. However, recently, it has been used more positively. A team would use a Black Ace to help them overcome the loss of a player or if they thought a different player could be utilized in a way to help the team win. Let’s look at the Oilers aces in the hole.

    Edmonton is not a team that has a lot of bubble players this year. Ken Holland made key moves at the deadline to bolster up his lineup for the playoffs. So for the most part, every player’s role is quite defined on the team. However, they do have some players that may be able to step up in the event of an injury. There is a mix of players who already have some NHL experience, as well as prospects that may surprise when given the opportunity.

    Today, we’ll break down a few players who could be considered Edmonton Oilers Black Aces. We also predict how they can impact the team this summer.

    Tyler Benson

    Tyler Benson is one of the most NHL-ready forwards in the Oiler’s pipeline. In 47 games for the Bakersfield Condors this year, Benson has found the net nine times, along with 27 assists for a total of 36 points.

    He appeared in seven NHL games for the Oilers this season but did not show enough to stick around long-term. From what we saw, adjusting to the speed of the NHL game was the biggest concern for Benson. Aside from that, the organization values Benson for his high hockey I.Q. and excellent playmaking abilities.

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    Edmonton Oilers Black Aces - Last Word on Hockey

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