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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Donga, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Ok Guys

    Latest files are up... The latest league files ( ie zip file) can be found at the usual place. ie www.hfnhl.com/2006/hfnhl.zip

    As for the GM Editor go to FHLSIM and download the beta.

    You realise you guys can still get in lines. If you don't have a team that doesn't have enough winger per say but you can by changing a position then can do by putting a notepad file in your folder to state your changes that you want me to make. With your lines that you want. The long way but that way I can get all things done by game two instead of reading the positional changes ay so often to find further changes. It would be easier on me.

    Oh yeah, note to Admin on the yahoo groups, can someone delete the Sharks files associated with Billy in the Sharks Folder. This would be deeply appreciated. That way David can upload his stuff. David, once one of the Admin team has done this can you put your stuff in that folder.

    As for schedule, look for some tommorrow as I make them up... :)
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