Numbers game- Oilers record with a (below) average goaltender

Discussion in 'Edmonton Oilers' started by jgoud*, Oct 14, 2013.

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    So i did a simulation of all our games this year with our goalies holding .900 save percentages (which is actually below average) and came up with this record:
    4-3 W against Jets (28 shots)
    3-2 L against Van (31 shots)
    4-2 W against Devils (before SO) (25 shots)
    3-1 L against Montreal(26 shots)
    5-3 W against TO (26 shots)

    Record: 3-2-0; 6 points
    Current Record: 1-3-1; 3 points

    Kind of interesting when you look at it... it's also sad watching us put up 4/5 goals a game and still lose. For the most part i'd say our D hasn't looked that bad this year, and we've held all our opponents to under 30 shots besides Vancouver. If things don't go well behind the crease today, then MacT's gotta do something.
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    He might have to shell out too much for an appropriate dance partner, but I think that MacT is going to do something. It might be drastic in nature. I don't think that he's the type to sit and assess the situation until the trade deadline. He's determined to ice a winner this season. I like his additions this season so far.
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  3. Up the Irons

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    they've really only played one stinker out of the five, and part of that could have been due to the Nucks flying on all cylinders in that one, inwhich they probably wouldn't have won with any performance.

    I'm very confident that Dubey's 4 game performance has caused MacT to decide that sacrificing a significant asset in order to acquire a top D and a decent goalie is now necessary. he may not pull the trigger this month, but I think the bold move is coming soon. he won't move someone like Yak or Ebs for a goalie, but he will for a top D. the goalie, he will try and acquire by other means. maybe our first round pick and/or a D prospect.

    Dubey has forced his hand. he isn't the guy for the long term. No chance.
  4. jp7

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    I was thinking this earlier too. We could easily be 3-2 right now with some decent goaltending, and there wouldn't be a constant stream of "sky is falling in Edmonton" threads on the main boards with all of the ridiculous bashing. The good thing is that we've been scoring goals, and it's only going to get better as players buy into Eakins system and become comfortable with what they're supposed to be doing on the ice. Our D hasn't been world beaters, but they're certainly better than last year and they'd look much better in front of a capable tender. With Nurse and Klef coming up in the system, combined with J.Schultz and Belov continuing to adjust to the NHL, it's going to be a very solid group in a few short years. Our future would be set if we had solid netminder, all we would really have to worry about at that point would be continuing to add solid depth players via free agency periods. I'm disappointed Dubynk has had such an atrocious start, I thought (foolishly) that he would at least match or even slightly improve his .920%... we aren't going to make the playoffs if he continues to put up piss poor performances like we've seen, we'll be lottery bound. We can't shake these players from an "expect to lose" mentality if they have to score 6 goals a game to have a chance. It's by far our biggest need right now, but great goaltenders don't grow on trees so I hope to god he at least steps it up until MacT figures out a long term fix
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    It really is sad when you look at that. No goalie has allowed more goals than Dubnykov, and the only goalies in the entire league with a worse GAA/SV% are the legendary trio of Clemmensen, Zatkoff, and Biron. And only Biron has more than a game played. Clemmensen only has 10 minutes

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