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    The challenge system will remain the same as last year. Keep in mind that we are again using one consistent ratings package this year, rather than mixing and matching (including the creation of some of our own ratings, as we have done in previous years). This way, we hope to get more consistently accurate results by (mostly) maintaining the integrity of one set.

    So here are the details!

    Each team is going to get a maximum of 2 ratings challenges on a maximum of 2 players. OV can not be challenged. Goalie challenges will be somewhat complicated. You can either challenge the skill ratings (SK, AG, RB, SC, HS, RT and PH) as a group. Otherwise, the other 6 goaltender ratings (DU, EN, SZ, PS, EX and LD) can be challenged like normal skater ratings.

    There will also be a maximum increase of 5 points that you can ask for (to keep the integrity of the ratings package). So for example, if you want to challenge your player's 65 DF, the maximum that you can ask for is a 70 DF.

    Please make sure your ratings challenges are well researched and worthwhile. A successful ratings challenge is likely to be built around stats, scouting reports, or well researched player comparisons. Comparing ratings to previous year's ratings packages isn't likely to get you a successful challenge.

    As Jeff had emailed to us, here is the breakdown of what statistics were used to put together this year's ratings.

    Player Ratings
    a. CK – Hits/Game
    b. FG – Height, Weight, Fights, Hits/Game
    c. DI – PIM/game
    d. SK – ONLY manual rate, done by diverse committee
    e. ST – Height, Weight, Fights
    f. EN – TOI/G
    g. DU – Games Played (last 2 years)
    h. PH – PPTOI/Gm, ZS, SatRel60
    i. FO- Faceoffs Taken, Faceoffs Won
    j. PA – Assists/Game (calculation is different for F v D)
    k. SC – Goals/Game (calculation is different for F v D)
    l. DF – PK TOI/Gm, SB/Game, ZS (calculation is different for F v D)
    m. PS – PS – Penalty Shot success rate. Tiered at 5, 10, 20, 20+ career chances.
    n. EX – Career NHL Reg Season GP
    o. LD – EX + bonus for career NHL Playoff GP

    Goalie Ratings
    a. SK – ESSP%, SP%, GP
    b. DU – Games Played last 2 years
    c. EN – GP Last 2 years, Career GP
    d. SZ – Height, Weight
    e. AG – ESSP%
    f. RB – SP%, GP
    g. SC – SHSP%, GAA
    h. HS – ESSP%, SP%, GP, PS%
    i. RT – SP%
    j. PH – ESSP%, SP%, GP
    k. PS – PS%
    l. EX – Career NHL Reg Season GP
    m. LD – EX + bonus for career NHL Playoff GP

    Your ratings challenge submission format should appear as follows"

    Email Title: "HFNHL Ratings Challenge - Team Name"

    1. Player Name
    2. Rating being challenged
    3. Current Rating
    4. Suggested Rating
    5. Reasoning or Argument for challenge (aka your proof)

    The submission deadline for these challenges is going to be Monday, October 8 at 11:59pm EST.

    All challenges will initially be sent to me (at [email protected]). I will serve as the rebuttal man (in our classic format).

    Then I will be forwarding both your challenge and my response over to Jeff Kirk (aka the SIM God) for a final ruling.

    A 3rd party (likely Sean Keogh) will be providing the final ruling on Jeff and I's ratings challenges.

    Once challenges are completed and final judgements are made we will begin our pre-season within a few days afterwards.

    Any questions, feel free to post them in this thread.

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