No need for defense when you score nine

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Tampa GM, Feb 3, 2007.

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    Earlier in the season its the 1st line with Sedin, Nylander and Hossa who has scored for Tampa Bay but that changed big time late last night when Tampa was in Boston for a game against the Bruins. Even though Boston scored 7 times and Tampas leading line only scored twice, Tampa was able to win the amazing result 9-7. Tampas defenseman Niclas Wallin who had a career night with four points said that the game must have looked like an all star game, for a moment it felt like every shoot was a goal.

    Early in the 2nd period Boston was leading with 6-4 but that was before Steve Ott got a major penalty for kicking. In that five minutes period Derek Armstrong scored his 2nd and 3rd goal of the game, both assisted by Miroslav Satan who seems to be on fire since his arrival from Montreal. Before the 2nd period was over Tampa had the lead in the game and it was yet another goal by Armstrong, his 4th of the evening and all four of them was powerplay goals.

    In the last period we only saw three goals, two made by Tampa and it was pretty obvious that the man of the match, Derek Armstrong had an asisst to the 9-7 which was scored by Niclas Wallin. Defenseman Wallin has now scored in three games in a row. Niclas who is a unrestricted free agent after the season didnt wanna talk about his future just yet. "I am very happy in Tampa for the moment and I will not make any decission about my future in the next couple of months" "I might stay here in Tampa since I believe we have a very intresting team for the future, if the team cant afford me I could consider to move" "I wouldnt consider to move long since I have kids so dont expekt to see me in Vancouver next season"

    When the game was over alot of people in the arena asked themselfs if they had saw a new HFNHL record that evening. The 2nd line with Armstrong, rookie Johan Franzén and Miroslav Satan had an amazing night. Total of 6 goals and 11assit for 17 points, when did a 2nd line ever score 17 points in a single game?

    Rumours in Tampa also mention that Tampa was close to trade for Eric Lindros last night. GM Martin Sedin confirmed the rumours but he said that the price was to high and he wasnt so sure about Erics future in the next year or so. His big contract was probably the reason why we couldnt finalize the deal with Nashville.

    After 17 games so far this season Tampa is currently 3rd in eastern conference. Martin Sedin is very happy with the success of the team so far. I didnt expekt this, our goal has to get into the playoffs all summer long but I didnt expekt that we could compete about the 1st overall position as early as this season. After the trade for Satan we have two lines who can produce and I dont think we lack anything on our team. We could be Stanley Cup champions in a few months time but its very early to talk about the Stanley Cup. Our primary goal is still to qualify for the playoffs.

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