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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by HockeySensible, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Sixth round pick of Chicago in the 2010 draft. Recently rated the #1 drafted Dman currently in the USHL.


    GP 40, G 3, A 22, +26

    I can't remember where exactly I read it but I remember reading an article about him when he was 13/14 years old being a phenom and being thought to be a future 1st rounder. He dropped off, and didn't have a great year in the USHL last season but he's seemed to turn it around since being drafted.

    Does he had top 4 potential? He's listed at 6'1" 190Lbs on Hockeydb, which is a projectable frame.

    Anyone have any thoughts on him?
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    I loved Nick Mattson when he was with the USNDP, and I was very excited when we drafted him last June. I think the kid has the opportunity to be a real gem considering his draft status.

    He at one point was a first round lock, but I think his game never caught up to those early expectations. He looked fine to me last season in the USHL, and I still had him as a third round pick at worse, couldnt believe he dropped as far as he did.

    College will be the big test for this kid, and he is going to one hell of a program to develope. He does have nice size and is an excellent skater and passer. I think like most young dmen, he needs to work on his strength, positioning, and his IQ at times...he still rushes outlet passes imo.

    But the overall package is very promising, and like two other fellow USNDP who were hyped but faded a bit (Michael Mersch-Wisconsin, and Chase Balisy - Western Michigan), he is starting to put it all together and is becoming a solid player.

    With his offensive skill and instinct he could definitely be a top 4 defensemen, but it all depends on his strength and decision making and how they develope the next 3 plus years in college....he will need a minimum of three years in college to fully develope imo.

    definitely worth keeping an eye on.
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    One thing with guys like Mattson is, they just play well where they are at. There is a chance he could have played well in college this year. Not great, like he is not "great" in the USHL. With some d men and well rounded forwards. They never WOW you but they do just keep plugging away. By his sophmore year if he has not had the WOW moment or game, i doubt he will add up to much. He has a lot of wiggle room.

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