NHL's Next CBA Strategy: Unguaranteed contracts

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by puckhead103*, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. puckhead103*

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    if the next CBA decides lower free agency to about 25 or 26....the nhl management side should allow unguaranteed contracts...

    a disturbing pattern is developing when players are signed to a lucrative contract after having a career year in the previous year, these players begin to act complacent....not putting out the same desire before signing the big contract....

    unguaranteed contracts would eliminate lazy players and floaters....

    this gives management the upper hand by putting the fear in their players that when you sign a big contract, you shouldn't be so complacent on the ice....or be a floater....

    however, since you have agents now, it might be a little difficult in doing this.....
  2. weezman

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    One thing the lockout made me wonder is if Agents have too much say in the direction of the sport. I wonder if this issue came up if that would prove to be true.
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    And the players would ever agree to that??? Why?

    Ain't never gonna happen. The NHLPA will never negotiate away guaranteed contracts, even if they lowered the UFA age to the point of conception. Their members would lose much more thay they could possibly gain.

    Any change like that would have to include no limits on signing bonuses (other than the confines of the cap). Then you just have a system like the NFL has turned into - players sign for huge signing bonuses (the only guaranteed money, averaged out over the contract for cap purposes) and minimal salary and if a team cuts a player they still have huge salary cap commitments to players who are no longer even on their team (dead cap space) - welcome to Salary Cap Hell.

    On top of all that, it opens up a whole slew of cap loopholes. Sign a player to a front loaded deal, then cut him after a year or two, and you get a cap discount for those years.

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