NHLPA lost its bluff play

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by RLC, Feb 17, 2005.

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    For a few years now the NHLPA has refused to look at the books.
    Refused to negotiate untill the OLD cba was over.
    The players have had a real good run during the old cba.
    lots of teams had to let good players go because they could not match the big markets
    This bidding war for good players has served the players so well that it has driven lots of teams into the red.
    The NHLPA has hidden behind the collusion rule for years.

    So, like in a high stakes poker game, their plan is to keep bluffing until the owners cave in again.
    With the cancellation of the season the owners have called their bluff. Now realizing that they have put tons of money into the pot in their bluff, they will want the owners to just give them back some of the pot money, as in OK OK we will take your last offer.
    Well poker does not work that way and the NHL wont either.
    The refusal to look at the books and realize just how much the players have been advantaged of the course of the last CBA, will now cost them BIG TIME ( as in lose the pot money)
    The game will of course have less revenue next year and the owners will never accept or agree to suffer the BIG risk alone anymore.
    The pie will be smaller therefore the payrole will be set in accordance to the revenue actually realized. Yes the books will be open to prove the size of the pie.

    If the NHL , over the course of the next CBA is seen to be making tons of money and all due to the new CBA, then the NHLPA will have a much stronger argument, six to eight years from now going into the that CBA.

    The NHLPA played poker, their entire plan was to bluff until the owners cave.
    Now they have lost their bluff and now they will lose the pot, at least untill the next CBA runs out.

    All the NHL has to due is pay more then anyother league to retain top players, and then let time take care of how many NHLPA players realize that the best deal is still the NHL. Sure some top players will decide to play for some european team if that's where the money is, but the VAST MAJORITY will be in the NHL.
    If the NHL grows so will the saleries and that will be the players BEST OPTION.
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